Top of the Mornin' to ya!

Top of the Mornin' to ya!

Hey there Golden Hawks!

Here’s a recap of today’s show!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are not doing great lately…

But we are still confident that they’ll pull through…

Most recent #LaurierProblem is that everyone is lacking the motivation to gegt through finals. We are between midterms and finals and we are fading fast!

Good news! If you have been struggling this semester here’s our ‘How To’ of the day:

How to Save your GPA

  1. Find out exactly where you stand
  2. It’s not to late to make an impression
  3. Talk to your professors
  4. Find out what you don’t know
  5. Ask Questions
  7. Make Friends
  8. Get Notes
  9. Google it.
  10. External Readings
  11. Find Upper Years
  12. STUDY UP!

Remember that The Morning Show is always here to cheer you up!


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