The Top 10 Songs For Those Long Distance Relationships

The Top 10 Songs For Those Long Distance Relationships

Hello Everybody!

My name is Robin Daprato and I am the host of the 3 year running radio show on Radio Laurier The Top 10. Last night at 8 was the first show of The Top 10’s third and final season.

So, the beginning of the school year, for many is filled with a whole host of mixed feelings. Excitement to be back, fear of failing and sadness for parting close friends, family and, for some, S.O.’s. For last night’s show I decided to focus on the painful reality many couples go through during this time of year when you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are separated because you decided to go to different schools, not go to school or whatever other reason it may be that is keeping the two of you lovebirds apart. I didn’t want to take the cynical route, because I don’t think it is something to be cynical about. I think if you want it bad enough YOU CAN DO IT. That’s my theory/ experience and I am sticking to it ;). So for my playlist, I decided to include songs that bring up fears, excitement and realities of embarking on the journey of a long distance relationship. 


10) Going Away to College-Blink 182 (Enema of the State) 

  • What could be more appropriate than the pop-punk ballads of young love, coming of age, and those other teen angst themes that make up a large portion of Blink 182’s work? Nothing. And that is why Blink 182 makes our #10 spot on the list because this song is a) LITERALLY the reality that many high school sweethearts are about to experience b) LITERALLY the theme of lasts nights show. So thank you Blink for always having an appropriate song that shows the trials and tribulations of young love.

9) Scared-Tragically Hip (Day for Night) 

  • Okay, okay I know. This song isn’t REALLY about long distance relationships at all. I mean, it’s even debatable if it is about love/romance. But hear me out, although this song eludes to moments in history such as the Russian Revolution and is arguably a political criticism about power, I think it works in another way. I think this song can reflect a fear in many facets of life, such as-ahem-the fear of a long distance relationship. And that is why TH makes my #9. I think more than anything, there is a fear factor about embarking in a long distance relationship. The fear of breaking up, cheating, boredom, loneliness and a whole host of other fears. I love this song because although it is a beautiful ballad, the words encompass a reality much darker than which is fear.  So because fear is perhaps the most common theme in a long distance relationship, I felt this song was appropriate to a tee.

8) Call it Off-Tegan & Sara (The Con) 

  • So, playing off of the theme of #9, our #8 song is perhaps the greatest fear of all and that is “calling it off.” For couples, that is the biggest fear in my (haha) expert opinion. You don’t want something amazing to end, however, for some the distance is too hard and that is their best option. So Tegan and Sara make the number eight spot as this song shows the complications of saying goodbye and breaking it off with someone you love. This song shows that despite the amount of love you have for that person the obstacles that go along with it are far too intense.

7) I Remember-Damien Rice (O)

  • So what is the other biggest fear of LDR? CHEATING! Cheating, is something nobody wants to ever experience. Especially in a LDR because you truly have no idea who that person is with. It is much easier to lie and cheat when you are separated by an ocean and that is why cheating in an LDR is such a huge fear because it is something that seems so easy to get away with. The other fear attached with cheating is the fear that that person doesn’t feel like they mean anything to that person anymore. So our #7 song is I Remember by Damien Rice as it shows the two lovers perspective (the cheated and the cheater).  What is so awesome about this song is that it sounds initially like a pure love song; the girlfriend remembering all the good times with her boyfriend (similar to the reminicing that happens when in a LDR). However, then you find out the boyfriend cheated on her, making the song so much harder to listen to because of the contrast between the two voices. When I listen to this song I think of two people who are in love but whatever it may be they are feeling seperated. There is the girl whose voice is soft and sultry and the guy whose voice is hard and raw. To me this song encompasses one of the biggest fears of long distance relationships where the memories are so distant that the lover forgets and finds a new lover. I simplify the song too much so I will stop here.

6) Always Something There To Remind Me-Naked Eyes 

  • So this next song is something that is less of a fear and more so a sad reality, that when somebody is not with you anymore, everything begins to remind you of them. Every coffee shop, bookstore, street reminds you of those times you spent with that person and what can be more heart wrenching then that? However, this is not always a sad thing. It can actually be quite a beautiful thing as it means you haven’t forgotten the amazing times and bond you have with that person. Yes, okay, as Veronica Mars would say,  I sound like a marshmallow.

5) Colors-Amos Lee (Amos Lee)

  • Okay, so this next song, is more directly about what many people experience when their S.O. leaves which is that when apart from that person, your life begins to become kind of meaningless; colour is lost. I think Amos says it better than I ever could:

Cuz when you’re gone,
all the colours fade.
When you’re gone,

no new years day parade.
You’re gone,
colours seem to fade.

What you do is keep things exciting

4) Dancing With Myself-Billy Idol

  • FUN FACT: Idol plays “Dancing with Myself” at most of his concerts, always introducing the song as having been originally written and recorded by Generation X. Since its release, the song has become something of a sports anthem.
  • Okay, so in an interview, Billy Idol said he wrote this song about his experience in Japan where all the girls at the clubs were dancing by themselves, however this song has so much more meaning that that. Before you say it, yes there is the obvious Freudian interpretation that I will not delve into because I think you are all competent enough to read between the lines. However, I am not devaluing this Freudian perspective because it is also quite suitably a reality for people in LDR’s. However, where I was going with picking this song is much less explicit. I was listening to this song the other day, and I was thinking about how the things you take for granted when with your S.O. are lost when in a long distance relationship such as having a dance partner. What to me, is even harder, is when you are, somehow stuck with all your couple friends and it hits you so hard that you truly are “dancing with yourself” as Billy said and that can be one of the hardest things.

3) A Thousand Miles-Vanessa Carlton (Be Not Nobody)

  • Yes sappy, but how can I not include this song? It sure does romanticize LDR’s plus it makes you see how exciting it is when you can finally see that person PLUS it is a classic early 2000s tune that I just had to include. I don’t need an explanation, the title says it all. Thanks Vanessa for making LDRs into a positive experience.

2) So Far Away-Carole King (Tapestry) 

“So Far Away” is a song written by Carole King and appeared on her 1971 album Tapestry. The recording features James Taylor onacoustic guitar. In the 1995 album Tapestry Revisited, it was covered by Rod Stewart.

The lyrics express longing for a lover who is far away.[1] But Allmusic critic Bill Janovitz notes that while the lyrics start by focusing on the physical distance between the lovers, the lyrics use that as a jumping off point to explore emotional distance between lovers as well.[2] Rolling Stone Magazine stated King’s “warm, earnest singing” on the song brought out the song’s sadness.[3]

  • Yes, I stole that from Wikipedia. However, I didn’t know that so I don’t even feel bad ;). Plus, to be honest I am running late for class. This song is perhaps one of the most legendary songs about being separated from your S.O. It’s a beautiful song from an amazing cd. The symbolism, allusions and imagery alone is enough to have it land in our number 2 spot. Listen to the lyrics and you will get it.

1) Midnight Train to Georgia-Gladys Knight and the Pips

“And I’ll be with him

On that midnight train to Georgia

I’d rather live in his world

Than live without him in mine.”

  • Our #1 song of last night nails the most important message when embarking on this journey and that is why Gladys Knight and the Pips makes our number one spot. Yes, this song is not blatantly about long distance (but rarely are the songs I chose ever lol) but the message can certainly apply to it. The Line “I’d rather live in his world/Than live without him in mine” says it all. If you can’t imagine your life without them then you will be able to conquer just about anything, including being in an LDR.


Sorry for the cheese….but sometimes, a little bit of cheese and wine is what you need to get through the tough times in life.


Thanks for reading and tune in next week for another (less soft) show.




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