Another Proper 90's Night!

Another Proper 90's Night!

an you name all those games?
can you name all those games?

Tonight DJ Chameleon is bringing another night of classic 90’s tunes and is gonna be talking about your favorite and most influential 90’s books.


It’s gonna be a great show tonight, and as normal DJ Chameleon will be offering a pint for the correct answer to a social media question and that will be discussed at 7:20 pm! (hint! Soap)


so what are your favorite books of the 90’s? Bridget Jones’ Diary? Trainspotting? Sex in the City?? or a Book you didn’t only read when you found out a movie or tv show was based on it.  let me know!


as always you its 100% requests the only stipulation is it’s from 90’s


So if your looking to chat during the show on facebook or Twiter its search all that and a bag of chips, or Call_me_leon on twitter, or just find me on facebook Leon Johnson


here is a preview of some tunes that will be played!





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