Acoustic Bands – October 8th
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Acoustic Bands – October 8th

Although all of these are not totally acoustic bands they all are sort of close to the same genre! Hope you enjoyed them!

First was Demons and Not Up To Me by Kandle from Victoria, British Columbia

Second was Summer Dress and Harvest by HIGHS from Toronto, Ontario

Third was Gold and Wild Country by Wake Owl from Vancouver, British Columbia

Fourth was Loving You and Be Mine by Kendal Thompson from Alliston, Ontario

Fifth was Fix It by Colour Color from Newmarket, Ontario

Sixth was Goodnight Lovers, Goodnight Thieves and Falling by Gavin Slate from Toronto, Ontario

Seventh was Drinkin’ In LA by Bran Van 3000

All About Classified (September 30th)
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All About Classified (September 30th)


So, I decided to choose  my favourite Canadian artist Classified and go through a few of his albums and play some of my favourites.

From Trial And Error (2003) I played Heavy Artillery and Gossip

From Boy-Cott In The Industry (2005) I played The Maritimes

From Hitch Hikin’ Music (2006) I played Beatin’ It and All About You

From Self-Explanatory (2009) I played Oh…Canada and Anybody Listening

From Handshakes and Middle Fingers (2011) I played Desensitized and Passion

From Classified (2013) I played 3 Foot Tall and Growing Pains

Then I finished with his most recent single Higher featuring B.O.B (2014)


Koi Fest Bands – September 16th
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Koi Fest Bands – September 16th

Hello! For my first week back I decided to play some bands that are playing at KOI Music Festival this weekend in downtown Kitchener.

First was Trouble & Daughter from Toronto, Ontario and their songs The Warning Signs and We Once Thought

Second was Texas King from London, Ontario and their songs Mary and Now You Know

Third was USS from Stouffville, Ontario and their songs This Is The Best and Yin Yang

Fourth was Mandippal from Toronto, Ontario and his song Everything I Am

Fifth was Thunderhawks from Georgetown, Ontario and their songs SEW and Kiss My Grits

Sixth was Hello Beautiful from Whitby, Ontario and their songs I’ll Come Running and Harlem Girls

Last but not least was Brighter Brightest from Aurora, Ontario and their songs Strike Gold


If you’re interested in downloading Brighter Brightest new album for pay what you can, you can do that here:

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Reddit Suggested Bands – March 18th

Last week I decided to go onto the website Reddit and post on r/music about how I needed more Canadian music for my radio show! They for sure delivered on showing me new bands! I now have over 20 new bands that i’m going to play in the next few weeks! This week I took my favourites and played them for you all!

First was Courtesy Call and Be Somebody by Thousand Foot Krutch from Toronto, Ontario

Second was Bad Jokes and Newton’s War by The Human Orchestra from Hamilton, Ontario

Third was Shade 53 by Margo Quinn from Toronto, Ontario

Fourth was To Steal Your Love Away and Desire by Fever City from Toronto, Ontario

Fifth was One More Mile To Go by Coldwater Road from Vancouver, British Columbia

Sixth was Reservoir by PUP from Toronto, Ontario

Seventh was Like This and Christmas Lights by My Favourite Tragedy from Ottawa, Ontario

Eighth was Rude by MAGIC! from Toronto, Ontario

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Canadian Acoustic and Folk Artists – March 11th

Today I went with a Acoustic and Folk Artist theme, I played a few of my favourite artists from Canada and a few new ones!

First was Falling and Stranger In The Dark by Gavin Slate from Toronto, Ontario

– I also talked about Gavin’s amazing Starbucks prank so I’ve posted that here as well!

Second was ‘Til The World Ends and Gone by Andy Brown from Fredericton, New Brunswick

Third was Bad and Fine by Darrelle London from Toronto, Ontario

Fourth was Posters and Thunder In Your Chest by Peter Katz from Toronto, Ontario

– and I also talked about his new video so i’ve posted that as well!

Fifth was Gimmie All Your Money by Trouble and Daughter from Toronto, Ontario

Sixth was Come and Gone By and Mouth of The Wolf by Tim Moxam from Toronto, Ontario

Seventh was Tightrope Dancer by Joe Nolan from Calgary, Alberta

Return from Reading Week! February 25th
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Return from Reading Week! February 25th

For my first show back after my lovely time in Florida for reading week I wanted to share some new music I found and also some old favourites!

First was USS from Toronto, Ontario and I played their new singles off their album Advanced Basics Yin Yang and This Is The Best

Second was Caught By The Game and Beat Fly by Tiny Danza from Toronto, Ontario

Third was N.Y.E and Nothing Left Between The Lines by Dinosaur Bones from Toronto, Ontario

Fourth was Hometown and Buttons by Molly Thomason from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Fifth was Gold Rush and North Lights, Southern Sides by Hunger Hush from Calgary, Alberta

Sixth was End Of An Era by The Strumbellas from Toronto, Ontario