Reddit Suggested Bands - March 18th

Last week I decided to go onto the website Reddit and post on r/music about how I needed more Canadian music for my radio show! They for sure delivered on showing me new bands! I now have over 20 new bands that i’m going to play in the next few weeks! This week I took my favourites and played them for you all!

First was Courtesy Call and Be Somebody by Thousand Foot Krutch from Toronto, Ontario

Second was Bad Jokes and Newton’s War by The Human Orchestra from Hamilton, Ontario

Third was Shade 53 by Margo Quinn from Toronto, Ontario

Fourth was To Steal Your Love Away and Desire by Fever City from Toronto, Ontario

Fifth was One More Mile To Go by Coldwater Road from Vancouver, British Columbia

Sixth was Reservoir by PUP from Toronto, Ontario

Seventh was Like This and Christmas Lights by My Favourite Tragedy from Ottawa, Ontario

Eighth was Rude by MAGIC! from Toronto, Ontario

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