The Boiling Point January 5: Welcome Back
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The Boiling Point January 5: Welcome Back

Welcome radio-heads!

Hope the break was rejuvenating and that you’re ready to tear into the semester.  Last year we talked about a lot of groundbreaking events, and also got the chance to examine some key issues that affect us as a student body, and also as individuals that shape society.

What impact does our perspective have on those issues?  How effective can we be in engaging our opinion?  These are the questions that have previously been addressed and will continue to frame the direction of The Boiling Point, and of course while nodding to some killer beats.

This episode focused on events that took place nearer the end of the year, and raised commentary about the effect those events have or have had on the public.  Violence shrouded the atmosphere of the latter end of 2016 with chaos erupting in the East as the Syrian crisis continued to embroil all parties involved.  As always, listeners are invited to engage the commentary by adding their thoughts or views on topics covered, and suggestions as to what could be touched on in the future.

Also included in a brief sum-up of 2016, new music was reviewed and the playlist can be seen below.  Thanks for tuning in, and see you next week!

  1. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince
  2. Young Americans – David Bowie
  3. A Report To The Shareholders: Kill Your Masters – Run The Jewels
  4. Candy Man – Baauer
  5. Choice And Consequence – Bwana
  6. James Joint (cover) –  Jarreau & Mr Carmack
  7. Terrified (Zikomo Remix) – Childish Gambino
  8. Cocaine Eighties – Autumn In June


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The Boiling Point: EP5 Summary and Playlist


Good evening fair Golden Hawks!

Last night’s episode of The Boiling Point was a celebration of sorts, with touches on popular topics in the news and of course, a jocular look at some of this weeks funniest moments in the media.  Twitter always has an exhaustive account of any major event that happens – in play-by-play form.  One of the best this week, was Newt Gingrich’s posts on the Pearl Harbor attacks, and the attacks in response to his peculiar remarks were equally stellar.  Also, a closer look was taken at recent bizarre appointments to the U.S. President-Elect’s cabinet, and concerning events in the EU.


The tunes this week were “holiday” inspired, and included spins from Michael Jackson, Run-DMC, and the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. The choices aimed to reflect that diversity can express the sentiments of a festive season just as handily as traditional favourites. If you’re not sure what form of dance expression is appropriate for a genre of music, you can get some hints from our young friend below.  Playlist to follow.

Good luck on your exams, and enjoy your holiday!



Songs Played This Week:

“Christmas In Hollis” – Run-DMC

“A Christmas F***ing Miracle” – Run The Jewels

“Soulful Christmas” – James Brown

“Gettin’ Down For X-Mas” – Milly & Silly

“Unstoppable” – Santigold

“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” – Michael Jackson

Sophia Vergara, the AMA’s!
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Sophia Vergara, the AMA’s!

SO the highly anticipated wedding of Sophia Vergara and Joe Manganello was this weekend and was absolutely beautiful! The couple, who has been engaged since, I believe  2014, traded vows over the weekend with nearly 400 guests, which included Reese Witherspoon, Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan, Stephen Moyer and Sofia’s Modern Family cast mates. The wedding was absolutely beaituful but can we just talk about sofias dress for a minute. Sofia looked unbelievable in her Mark Zunino gown. But get this…the gown is covered in more than 11 pounds of sequins, 350 crystals and 6 pounds of pearls. She posted many photos on her instagram if you guys want to check them out!

ALL that AMA’S! First of all, JLO killed it as host. She kicked off the night in a dance routine that highlighted some of the year’s biggest hits like Where Are U Now, Anaconda, Uptown Funk! and Drake’s Hotline Bling. It was AMAZING I didn’t even know JLO could dance like that so seriously go check it out!

One Direction managed to repeat as artist of the year and also won favourite pop/rock duo or group of the year.  The Weeknd walked away with two awards and performed their hit song “the hills”.

The talk of the town, Justin Bieber, won best collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex. He closed the night in a rain soaked production piece with a medley of his hits Sorry, Where Are U Now and What Do You Mean. There was literally water just pouring down on him while he performed it was pretty sweet.

One of the most moving moments of the night was  when Céline Dion payed tribute to the victims of the recent Paris attacks by singing Edith Piaf’s Hymne à L’Amour in front of a string section and a montage of images of famous Paris sites.

Tune in next week for more Entertainment Insight!

Celine Dion Paris Tribute

Spain ‘Sargent Place’ Review
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Spain ‘Sargent Place’ Review

Previous to listening to the album, Sargent Place by Spain I had never heard of the band, but as the first few chords filled the silence followed by a soft almost melancholy voice of singer, Josh Haden off the track “The Fighter” I was hooked. Prior to the release of Sargent Place, Spain had took somewhat of an hiatus from releasing new music. Or perhaps they were just working the perfection that is the album. “The Fighter” slowly relinquishes a soft ballad, a beautiful offering of the romanticism the album offers which swiftly encourages the starting of a new song with the finishing of another.

With input from Black Keys Producer Gus Seyffert and other musicians the album definitely had some ground to contribute to its success. While the success garnered by the album may not be in the traditional way music is measured today, its success lies in the production of a beautiful album.

Every song is an easy listen, and anyone who wants a soft, mellow album to listen to check out Sargent Place by Spain.

Geraldine’s Routine
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Geraldine’s Routine

Hey there jitterbugs! Your hep cat Lunkis here giving you a recap of the songs played on November 18th’s installment of Your Swing Fling! With my co-host “Sarah” along for the ride, the evening’s playlist featured some of our hand-picked personal favourites of the genre. Take a look and enjoy! I’ve chosen to asterisk the songs with particularly impressive music videos – for your viewing pleasure!



Tape Five – Geraldine’s Routine
Caravan Palace – Dramophone ***
Odjbox & Pierre – Bin Thinkin’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Swing Revival

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Ghost of Stephen Foster ***
Squirrel Nut Zippers- The Suits are Picking Up the Bill
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – Mr. Pinstripe Suit


Parov Stelar – Cat Groove
Jamie Berry – Out of My Mind
Parov Stelar – The Phantom (1930 Swing Version)

Magnifico vs. Groovyman – Samo Malo REMIX
Caro Emerald – Liquid Lunch (E.S.I. Remix)
Ella Fitzgerald – Air Mail Special (Club Des Belugas Remix)


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Reddit Suggested Music – March 25th

So today I played more bands that Reddit suggested and I hope you enjoyed them!

First was Devin Townsend from Toronto, Ontario and his songs Fly and Heart Baby

Second was The Deep Dark Woods from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and their songs 18th of December and Charlies (Is Coming Down)

Third was The Rural Alberta Advantage from Toronto, Ontario and their songs Drain The Blood and Tornado ’87

Fourth was Haunter from Winnipeg, Manitoba and his songs You or Me and Shadow Song

Fifth Japandroids from Toronto, Ontario and their songs The House That Heaven Built and Younger Us

Sixth was Yukon Blonde from Kelowna, British Columbia and their songs My Girl and Guns

Last was Chad Hatcher from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and his song Live By The Sea