Gettin’ Ready For The Growing Pains
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Gettin’ Ready For The Growing Pains

Wuddduupp friends?! After a little late start and some technical difficulties we came thru and gave yall that good good. Word to Nelly and Ashanti. Ha! We had a slow week in the hip-hop game but knowing kamo and myself, we made things fuuuun. Basically running this rap ishhhh. But in all honesty, we had to dig deep *pause* in order to bring yall some dopedope headlines.

Soooo if you are confused as to why Kim Kardashian is riding a motorcycle with Yeezus on our cover photo, well, you probably haven’t seen the new Bound 2 video. It features North’s parents riding a motorcycle in front of what looks to be the Grand Canyon buuuut I can’t be sure. Anyways, check it out right here. Tank me later on the whole Kim K sitch. Ha!

We also had a few birthdays to celebrate other than Kamo’s. Future and Phife Dog both celebrated their born days this week. Eevn though they are both on opposite ends of the spectrum, yall still gotta clap for ’em.

ALSO, JayZxDrakexTimbo dropped a track this week called Know Bout Me. Annnnd it’s good. Check it out right here.

In other news… Jeezy signed to Roc Nation,  Ja Rule and 50 Cent were basically sitting beside each other on a plane, 5 Pointz got white washed and TDE hates GQ.

REAL OR RATCHET this weak was fun. We compiled a little list of rappers who have super famous parents. Caution: they might make you LOL. Okay, so first, we have the sons of Daniel Day Lewis, Tom Hanks, Tommy Hilfiger annnnd of course Will Smith. The last one isn’t actually that ratchet because who knows what Willow and Jaden will do but for the rest of those suckas, yall can miss me.

THE REALNESS was pretty serious this time around. It was actually more of an un-answered question than anything. We asked everyone if a rapper’s name can sometimes overshadow the music. For example, J Cole had a much better project than Eminem but Marshall went platinum in like 2 weeks and Jermaine just recently passed the gold mark. Is it just because Eminem is, well, Eminem? I mean, the MMLP2 was decent but what would have happend to his sales if the record was god awful? Still platinum? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter. @RLRapUp

GLAYSHS GUILTY PLEASURE this week was a little bit of a throwback. I picked the trillest tune by Slim Thug, TI and Bun B. The song is called 3 Kings and is quite the southern anthem. Check out the parking lot pimpin’ going on in the video right here… and of course… please turn up… that is all.

Our UNDERGROUND KING was actually in the building with us this week! Friend of the show Mr. Rufus stopped in to bless our ears with that class KW R&B flavaaaa. He has got a new single out called ‘Hold On Me’ which is too smooth. It is the lead single off his upcoming album entitled Growing Pains. The album is coming to yall in February soooo just wait on it. In the meeeen time check out all of his dope R&B music on his website here. Word to the kid next door.

Now, having the R&Beauty in the studio with us, why not put him to work, right? We had Rufus judge VERSE OF THE WEEK annnnd man was is it close. Our theme this week was the best verse on a DJ Khaled song. Easy enough… except there is about a million Khaled song verses. So we had to get to the best of the best. I went with Weezy’s verse on We Takin Over and Kamo went with Kanye’s verse on Go Hard. The winner? *insert drum roll* Kamo took the win this time. That bring us to 5-4 on the year. Think he can even it up before Christmas break? Yeah, me neither. Anyways check out the winning verse here.

Well, that is it from us this week. Catch us next week at the same time, same place.










Peace, Love & Diddy’s Chequing Account

Summer Summary!
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Summer Summary!

We’re baaaaacckkkkk! I hope yall missed us a little while we were gone. Not only am I back in the building but we also got the skinny big homie Kamo back as well. As I am sure yall know, we had a major summer for hip-hop and even though I was rocking with yall the entire time it’s time we summarize the summer and keep things moving.

We kicked things off with all the big summer albums. Annnnnnd man were there a lot. Everyone from Juicy J to J Cole dropped a project this summer and made a mark on the 2013 catalog. Sooo, it is only right that we summed up every album that dropped and played a lil’ something off it just in case you were under a rock for four months.

May 21st: French Montana – Excuse My French 

June 18th: J Cole – Born Sinner

June 18th: Kanye West – Yeezus

June 18th: Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off

June 25th: Wale – The Gifted

July 4th: Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail

August 20th: A$AP Ferg – Trap Lord

August 20th: Earl Sweatshirt – Doris

August 27th: Big Sean – Hall Of Fame

August 27th: Juicy J – Stay Trippy

Don’t want to sift thru all of these records? Fair enough. Our top 5 include Big Sean, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Mac Miller and J Cole.

Don’t want to listen to a full album? Check out our certified 2013 songs of summer. Ready? Here it goes:

Versace Remix – Drake & Migos

95 Til Infinity – Joey Bada$$

I’m In It – Kanye West

Forbidden Fruit – J Cole & Kendrick Lamar

Control – Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica


Okay, now back to our regular scheduled programming. Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure is still in full effect. That being said, things are getting guiltier this year. But I’m sure yall are wondering how that is physically possible… well it is. We took it to the streets of Harlem for the g-mix of A$AP Ferg’s anthem ‘Work’. The track on its own is tuuurn up enough but the remix is next level. It features French Montana, Trinidad James, ScHoolBoy Q and A$AP Rocky. Talk about trill. Check the video here and remember to put in work.

Verse of the Week was simple. What was the verse of the summer? There are two obvious ones. Can’t guess? Versaceversaceversaceversaceversaceversace. Still nothing? Okay well, Drizzy killed Migos’ track essentially making it his own. This was naturally my pick. Kamo came with K Dot’s verse on Control which shook up the hip-hop world and also clogged my Twitter timeline for days. How would we decide a winner with only two DJs? YOU! We took to Twitter to find our winner and by popular demand, Kamo/Kendrick took the win. That will all change next though, I’ve got bars.

Feel some type of way about any lists we made? Get at us on Twitter @RLRapUp and let us know what you think about the whole summer. We always have our ears to the streets tweets.







Peace, Love & Kendrick Responses


J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ Album Review
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J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ Album Review

Working to prevent the notorious sophomore curse from coming true, Born Sinner is a much edgier follow up to J. Cole’s 2011 debut Cole World: Sideline Story. While there’s a handful of vintage Cole here, Born Sinner mainly veers into previously uncharted territory for the 28-year old, who goes to great lengths to prove just how conflicted and complicated he is. 

Much of the album is an inner battle between his lust for the fast life and wanting something more stable and substantial. Tracks like ‘Trouble’, ‘Runaway’ and ‘She Knows’ all display his teetering emotions which can be sincerely felt through provocative beats and picture painting lyrics. Even Cole’s introductory proclamation on ‘Villuminati:’ “It’s way darker this time” feels like this North Carolina nice guy truly took a edgier approach to his craft.

One standout thing that really impressed me was the fact that Cole is the only one rapping on the album. Although the LP features TLC, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel and Fauntleroy, they only contribute to the choruses and hooks. He also produced each and everyone of the beats on the album. Not to say that there wasn’t a little help here and there from some industry experts, but Cole personally crafted every synth and snare. In an era where guest appearances and purchased beats come more frequently than solo songs, Cole makes a subtle statement that makes the listener know that his album is actually HIS album. French Montana can take notes…

Even though the emotional torn Cole is eveident here, Born Sinner’s best moments are when he embraces the persona that initially garnered him praise. Songs like ‘Power Trip’, ‘Crooked Smile’ and ‘Let Nas Down’ are the album’s strongest. They feel like the honest rapper who created The Warm Up opened up his heart even furhter confessing his true inner thoughts.

In close, J Cole exhibits the same level of excellence sonically and conceptually that fans had anticipated after hearing Cole’s early work. He remains too gifted lyrically, too keen of a storyteller, and too emotionally open for his sophomore LP to be anything less than impressive. It is still a Cole World after all…

The Opposite Of A Winner…
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The Opposite Of A Winner…

Wuddduuupp friends?

I know this is coming hella late butttt better late than never (never late is better).

We kicked things off with some new music from Mac Miller. His album ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’ is coming real soon and a little leak came thru the web called ‘Suplexes Inside of Complexes of Duplexes’. It features the long lost Jay Electronica. Check it out right here. Most dope.

We also gave yall some of that new J Cole. A little leak off his upcoming June 18th album, ‘Born Sinner’. The track is called ‘N****s Know’. Check it out here. No blanket…

GGP this week came in form TygaTyga and Chris Breeezy. The song is called ‘G Shit’. It is literally the perfect summer song and the video makes me wanna move to the Hollywood and call heaux over. Until we get there, check out the song in the meantime. Auuggghhhhhh

The Realness this week was a new look for us. We did a little “Who Did It Better”. We pitted two label mates between eachother. Kan vs. Com. Chi vs. Chi. Good vs. Good. That’s right… we asked who pulled of a hip-hop personification better? Not sure what personification is? Well let us put you on that English minor tip. PERSONIFICATION:  A figure of speech in which inanimate objects or abstractions are endowed with human qualities or are represented as possessing human form. Get it? Good. So who did it better? Kanye’s ‘Homecoming’ or Common’s ‘I Used To Love HER’? Our verdict………. Yeezus Yeezy.

That’s it from us this week yall. Catch us next week at the same time and place. TUNE IN & TURN UP!









Peace, Love & whatever is in Mac Miller’s cup.

Class Is In Session…
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Class Is In Session…

Wuddduuup yall?! I know that most of yall were busy getting back home for egg day Easter but we decided to hop in the studio and give yall the goods anyways.

This broadcast was super special for a lot of reasons. Hip-hop was heaaaaavy these past two weeks sooo we had to bring yall up to date. We kicked things off wit talking about Odd Future front man, Tyler The Creator’s new album. The LP is called ‘Wolf’ and is the last installment of his “trilogy” which includes 2009’s Bastard and 2011’s Goblin. The album is actually pretty strong with tons of personal tracks and of course some crazy crew cuts. Kamo was a big fan, however, I am still waiting for that Yonkers-Cockroach-Eating-Flow Tyler but it’s all good. Some standout tracks are ‘Bimmer’, ’48’ and ‘Colossus’. make sure to check out the lead single right here. We also quickly touched on Weezy’s new album, I Am Not A Human Being 2. Since this one is fairly close to my heart I did a full review and breakdown. Yall can check out what I had to say right here. Sorry Wayne.

Ever wonder what helped rappers like Wale, J Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean and Meek Mill head straight to the top of the rap game? Well, a little magazine called XXL puts out a annual list of 10 rappers who are sure to blow. Pause. This list is used to shine light on rappers that have been underground grinding for a minute and deserve some mainstream attention. This list has accurately predicted some top notch rappers that are currently controlling hip-hop culture. Buuuuut, it has also picked some real flops. Word to Fashawn. Ha!

This year’s freshmen class was very well picked and is being debated as the strongest one yet. Personally, I think 2011 was the most promising. But without further ado, here is 2013’s XXL Freshmen Class: Ab-Soul Schoolboy Q, Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Dizzy Wright, Angel Haze, Trindad James, Logic, Kirko Bangz, Travi$ Scott and Chief Keef. Who do yall think will blow up? Who do yall think will bust? Let us know on Twitter @RLRapUp

Kinda keeping the XXL Freshmen theme, Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure featured one of this year’s freshmen. Houston’s very own Kirko Bangz blesses us with a smooth banger called ‘Drank In My Cup’. The song got released back in late 2011 but is easily one of my faves. Hopefully XXL didn’t get this one wrong and Kirko can bang out a successful 2013. Check the track right here.

Next we kicked The Realness on a very interesting article posted on . The article was entitled ‘Joey Bada$$ & Kendrick Lamar: This Generation’s Biggie & Pac?’ The article made the case that Joey and Kendrick show signs of having the same impact/outcome that Big and Pac had back in the 90s. Even though they made some valid points (east coast and west coast themes, age, relevance, potential) I really don’t think they could ever totally embody Big and Pac for one simple reason. RAP IS TOO FRIENDLY! In hip-hop today, everyone is cool with everyone and the blue moon beefs that do actually occur are usually weak and have zero substance. Definitely worth a read but please don’t be on the look out for another ‘Who Shot Ya’ and ‘Hit Em Up’. Give it the once over right here.

Finally, Verse of the Week was a little different this time around. We felt as if we have been judged too often. SOOO, we decided to judge everyone else’s verses. We asked the listeners to tweet us what they thought was an extra hot rap verse and then Kamo and myself would judge the winner. We sifted thru the tweets and found a top two. The big homie @ryanlittle13 picked J Cole’s verse off ‘Simba’ and @t_rev91 dropped Blu’s verse off ‘Backboards’. After much debate, we gave the win to Blu. Check out the winning verse right here.

Anyways, that is it from us this week. Make sure catch us next week for another scenic journey thru modern hip-hop. ALSO! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and join in the conversation. @RLRapUp so you know it’s real…






Peace, Love & OJ da Juiceman’s Career

Real or Ratchet?
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Real or Ratchet?

Wudddupp lovers?! I know that this is coming to you a tad after our show but it’s better late than never, right? This past week we did our best to show some love and put on a little Valentine’s Day special. Smash not included.

We kicked things off with some new music from Roc Nation young gun, J Cole. Early last week he dropped a 5 song EP entitled ‘Truly Yours’. The extended play was a collection of some unreleased songs that aren’t gunna make his upcoming studio album, ‘Born Sinner’. The tracks were definitely classic Cole but we didn’t get a show stopper until he dropped his first official single a few hours before we went live. The song is called ‘Power Trip’ and it’s featuring R&B sensation, Miguel. It fits perfectly into our Valentines Day theme sooo check out the track here and make sure she don’t keep you up all night singing love songs…

Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure was a little different this week. Instead of playing the classic banger or tuuuurn up track, I went with something a little realer. If you know me, you know that I strikeout pretty often with the ladies. I had to spin the track ‘After The Party’ by underground rap duo Little Brother. The song is all about striking out with a fine lady and some typical recovery lines. #StoryOfMyLife . BUT, I also know that Kamo & Cutz can attest to this as well. Soooo even though it’s not a guilty pleasure, we are still guilty as charged. Check it out here.

The Realness was very lovey-dovey this week. I asked Kamo & Cutz if they thought love & hip-hop could co-exsist. In other words, I asked if couples could be genuine in this rap game. Sooo we played a little game I like to call ‘Real or Ratchet’. It’s actually easy to play. I compiled a list of current couples in hip-hop and asked the fellas if the relationship was real or ratchet. <— definitions included. Check out the list and our Valentine’s Day verdict:

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa = Real

Remy Ma & Papoose = Ratchet

Chris Brown & Rihanna = potentially the most Ratchet

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey = suprisingly Real

Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys = Real

Christina Milian & The Dream = Ratchet

Tyga & Blac Chyna = Ratchet

Ludacris & Eudoxie = Real (she’s a medical doctor)

Angela Simmons & Lil Romeo = Ratchet

A$AP Rocky & Iggy Azalea = Ratchet

Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin = Real

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian = I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger… Real

Jay-Z & Beyonce = the Realest

There yaaaa have it. We had a few scuffles deciding on verdict but I think this is fairly accurate. Agree? Disagree? Feel like one of these couples are realer than ratchet or vice versa? Let us know on Twitter @RLRapUp !

Verse of the Week was also Valentine’s day themed. Way back in first semester, we had The Naughty Prude (check her out on RadioLaurier every Tuesday night at 10pm) come on and judge ‘Sexiest Verse’. We switched it up a tad and went with ‘Best Love Verse’. Kamo, Cutz and I all picked a verse and let the listeners decide the winner. BUT HOLD UP! If The Naughty Prude tweeted in with a decision, that verse would automatically win. Naturally, I chose Hov’s first verse on ’03 Bonnie & Clyde, Cutz chose Cole’s first verse on ‘In The Morning’ and Kamo picked Andre 3000’s verse on Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter’. Just when I thought I had it in the bag, The Naughty Prude came thru and gave it to Kamo. *face palm* Yet another loss for Glaysh… typical. Check out the best love verse right here.

But that is it for us this week. Check us out February 28th & yes… BRANTFORD WILL BE IN THE BUILDING! Do not miss the big homie DJ Dub as he brings in some of the bangin’ Brantford beat. Remember to hit us up on Twitter for any request and comments ——> @RLRapUp.




Peace, Love & The Ratchets at All-Star Weekend