Craig Mack Dies at 46

Craig Mack Dies at 46

If you know about Bad Boy Records then you’d be shock to hear that the legendary Craig Mack passed away at age 46 recently this Monday.

According to reliable sources close to the rapper, Craig Mack was ill although there weren’t any clear findings upon his death.

He was widely known for his notorious record “Flava in Ya Ear”. The same track also has a remix accompanied by Bad Boy Records rappers such as the legendary Biggie as well as LL Cool J, Busta and Rampage.

The label itself not only is accompanied by some of the best rappers to ever be in the rap game but also Sean Combs (rap name as P Diddy) is also the owner of Bad Boy Records. “Flava in Ya Ear” was one of the songs that had actually set off the popularity for the record label thus Craig Mack’s contribution to early Hip Hop was significant.

Craig Mack started rapping at a young age and also had a few hits as well from that time when he started to put himself into the music industry.

Rappers collectively gave their sympathies towards Craig Mack’s death such as LL Cool J (one of the rappers who was part of the remix, “Flava in Ya Ear”) as well as others part of the music industry such as Charlie Puth.

He left Diddy’s record label later on in order to purser his own musical career releasing albums afterwards. Although he had retired later on, his contributions to hip hop still remains.

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