After Class - Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 4

After Class - Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 4

Welcome, Welcome.

There was a lot to talk about this week, and we had a very good time and a special location: The alternate universe where Pizza Maniac still exists. Fitting that our hard hitting first track was Blame It On The Good Times by Poor Young Things. Isn’t that exciting? Yes, but not as much as this, our playlist for the week! On the show we announced that we would be including our playlist in the blog, and there it is! Missed the other blogs? No problem, here’s Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3– these ones have no playlists posted, but they’re entertaining reads (I promise). As you can see, HUNNY came next.

After we that, we talked about Homecoming. Apparently with less students, the Hamilton community was quite enraged at McMaster’s antics, while the celebration here in Waterloo went relatively smoothly- other than that guy falling of DJ Pints’s roof (a story which DJ Roccs recalled vividly).

Next we talked a bit about our(read:Rocco’s) favourite dude, Post Malone, and the question of whether rappers and hip hop are the new rock stars and rock ‘n roll. It started with a video by the folks behind Genius song lyrics. It breaks down the lyrics of Malone’s rockstar, and shows how he references tons of rock legends- from Jim Morrison to the Stones (and their groupies!). The video dives deeper as well, so we recommend that you check it out!

Next, we talked a little bit about thanksgiving, and how much we miss home. It’s not the big things, but the little ones, y’know? Like being able to eat cereal out of a clean bowl instead of a Phil’s pitcher.


Quickly, we’ll hit our best of Reddit. I truly can’t explain this one. Honestly, just watch it, and be amazed (or appalled). Words can’t describe the thought process of this dude, but as DJ Roccs put it, at least his priorities (eg. beer) are straight.

Finally, check out this beautiful event!! Dirty Bingo is back on October 19th! See all of you beautiful folks there.

No show next week, but enjoy reading week, lovelies. Happy smiles.

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