After Class - Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 2

After Class - Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 2


Not perfect, but better. This week, we came at you live from a canoe in the middle of Victoria Park. A beautiful location to match our beautiful voices, which were much, much louder this time. Technical issues were down and the music quality went up (is that even possible?!), so we can only hope that everyone was smiling as much as we were.

We started things off faster- R U Mine? by the Arctic Monkeys hits hard, and we followed it up with another quick track- Born Yesterday by Hollerado. Indeed, in only two shows, we’ve established a system- a wave, if you will- that starts out with some faster, rock tracks and ends with some smoother electric alternative tracks. Ride it with us.

We couldn’t get too far into the show before talking about a dart slinging, mimosa drinking, Post Malone rendition of Tongue Tied. If you’re not already that happy every Wednesday at 10, hopefully we can help you out! Naturally, we played the Grouplove hit next.

A wonderful night followed, and we stretched everywhere from Toys “R” Us filing for bankruptcy to the startling fact that 12th graders from this generation are having less sex than 8th graders from 1990. What happened to our childhood, right? Not only that, we’re drinking less, doing less drugs, going out less, and doing everything outside of the house less. Maybe the next time you start a groupchat or throw Netflix on, consider getting the gang together- find an abandoned building, point a projector at the wall, plug it into the car battery, and throw a movie on. You know, something authentic, like how our parents used to do it- the right way, right?

Finally, we talked a bit about the Ontario Universities’ Fair, and about WLU’s growing student population. Students and new faces to meet are wonderful, but it’s now terrible to be both a driver and a pedestrian in and around the Waterloo Campus. A small price to pay to enjoy such a wonderful institution, but a price nonetheless…

Tune in next week for more shenanigans. And hey, the tech side got a little bit better- the fire might be in the wrong place, but at least we got it going! Improvement:

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