After Class - Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 1

After Class - Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 1


The show started off great- this week’s location was the back of a nondescript police van that may or may not belong to the WRPS. Juliette by Hollerado, the show’s first track, got things banging fast. Unfortunately, bumps were destined to come.

All media software on the system appeared to stop working, and so the computer had to be restarted. This was no problem though, as conversation regarding the maniacal Phil’s line filled the empty space. While mic volume was low, the music was great, and things can only get better.

A number of topics were addressed, including the hashtag #nuggsforcarter, in which case our man Carter scored a year of free chicken nuggets by getting an astonishing 3.65 million retweets on the following (click the pic link to check it out!):

There was, of course, also discussion surrounding the best of reddit for the week. Two wonderful stories were brought up, one of a makeshift flamethrower plan gone awry and another of a man who had abandoned all sense and decided to wash his car during a hurricane. No conclusions were drawn from the stories, with the exception that Rocco may have had some trouble making it to adulthood if he had discovered reddit earlier, and that your two DJs should not be allowed near flammable materials or fuels.

Finally a shout out to The Turret’s new themed nights, “Turrn Up Thurrsdays”, was given. Did you make it out?

Until next time, Laurier. Keep tuning it for great music, even if the tech side of the show ends up like these lads and their flamethrower:

Every good time starts with a bad beer!

-Keegan and Rocco, DJ Pints and DJ Roccs

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