After Class - Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 3

After Class - Keeg 'n Roccs, Week 3

That was something.

This week we had what may have been our best show yet- minimal technical difficulties and clearer sound meant that this week set our new standard. In tradition, we set our show up with a fast track to start: The Foo Fighters and Monkey Wrench. This week, we came at you from the secret underground tunnel to Phil’s that you didn’t know existed.

As is becoming tradition, we had a discussion regarding Post Malone. Aside from DJ Roccs’s somewhat unsettling attraction to the man, our boy put on a wonderful rendition of the Green Day hit Basket Case at one of his concerts recently. Not only did he crush it, but the crowd was loving it- even singing along to the 23 year old jam. Naturally, we followed up with the original track.

Hot tip? Bastille, the band responsible for hits like Pompeii and Good Grief, also have a cover of the song out. In fact, this cover is so popular that you may have heard it: in addition to being one of apparently very few covers that Green Day has given their “stamp of approval” to, it has also been charting extremely well, reaching #5 in AltNation’s Alt18, and being even higher than that in weeks prior. Give it a listen!

We used this as an in to talk about Weezer’s new song, Feels Like Summer. A good tune, but a definite departure from the Weezer of old.

We continued the hard hitting jams until we decided that we had to discuss our Best of Reddit post, a lion opening a car door at what seems like an African Lion Safari-type thing. A repost? Maybe, but a lesson nonetheless- lock your doors when driving through areas with lions present?!

We also felt that we needed to discuss the upcoming homecoming festivities. DJ Roccs had some great tips on avoiding tickets, including one for house parties: The WRPS can only approach your front door, so make sure to bring the door as close to the front of your property as possible. Use tarps, people! Also, remember that you can drink in public- as long it’s on private (read:your) property. Don’t be drinking in the streets.

Disclaimer: Especially on days like Homecoming and St Patrick’s Day, the fuzz shouldn’t be out to get you. Be respectful; pick your battles.

Yes folks, this was a good week. As we control the fire that is Keeg ‘n Roccs (and despair that we need to find a new weekly gif metaphor), we leave you until next Wednesday at 10. Stay smiling out there.

Perhaps we’re getting a little too confident, but we think the fire is under control. Howdy, y’all! Consider this our first introduction:


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