The Morning After The New Year; Kissing 2016 Goodbye

The Morning After The New Year; Kissing 2016 Goodbye

Welcome back to The Morning After, 2017 edition! What better way to kiss goodbye to 2016, than a full hour of The Weeknd’s Kissland album? Even with all of the new music released over the past year, including Starboy, the Kissland album has remained a staple in DJ Goldilock’s and DJ O$AP’s music playlists.

This year Laurier took a total of 11 days for their winter break, while most other schools took an additional 6 days off before starting classes. 11 days is not a lot of time, so here’s to hoping you made the best of it! Over the break DJ Goldilocks an DJ O$AP had the opportunity to attend a work Christmas party for Victoria Star Motors, where DJ Goldilocks experienced hypnotism for the first time! That’s right, DJ O$AP had a good laugh watching Goldilocks make a fool of herself while she summer salted around the dealership, acted as Austin Powers, and trying to steal a 30 ft Christmas tree! Any skepticism from O$AP before the show had definitely dwindled by the end of the performance, stay tuned on our Facebook page for some funny clips from the performance!

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest events across the country every year, but is it really worth the hype? O$AP may argue that it’s not, especially after his sub-par experience this year at a country bar in London. In past years, Goldilocks had not had the best experiences on New Year’s Eve and had a difficult time getting hyped for it this year. But it may have been this very lack of excitement that made her night so enjoyable; going into the event with very low standards meant that there was no way she could be disappointed. In fact, this was her best New Year’s Eve yet! She went to Bar 244 in Toronto with her best friend and a fantastic group of girls. The music was on point and they did nothing but dance all night long! Maybe the key to having a good time is to set the bar really low… then there’s no where to go but up!

2016 may be over…. But 2017 is just getting started! Laurier is starting the year off with a bang, as this coming week is crazy busy the Laurier community! No matter what you’re into, there’s something for you; Student Union Presidential Elections begin this week, Winter Carnival officially kicks off, and there’s a full week of free group exercise and dance classes being offered in the AC! If you have yet to get involved at Laurier, this is an excellent week to experiment a little bit and find your niche. O$AP is a captain of the Winter Carnival team, Rock Bottomest and although they don’t plan on winning any particular events, you can guarantee they will be having the best time! You can catch Goldilocks in the AC attending her favourite dance classes: burlesque and advanced hip hop!

We hope you all take full advantage of this week and get involved in the incredible Laurier community! Tune in next week!!

Song List:

Real Life

Tell Your Friends


Can’t Feel My Face


Dark Times (feat. Ed Sheeran)


In the Night



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