News Unplugged - Mon. Jan. 18

News Unplugged - Mon. Jan. 18


28 people were killed and 56 injured last Friday night, after Islamic terrorist attacks in Burkina’s Faso’s capital city.

The mass shootings took place at the Splendid Hotel, as well as nearby Cappuccino Café. Among the deaths from this appalling attack include a family of 6, who were visiting from Quebec on a humanitarian trip to Africa.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has since offered his condolences to the families of the victims, condemning the attacks as “senseless acts of violence on innocent civilians”.

Other deaths that have been identified are 5 Burkinabe citizens, two French citizens, two Swiss citizens, one Dutch volunteer, and an American missionary. Citizens of Burkina Faso are currently observing a 72 hour national mourning period for the fallen victims.




Last week, winners of the nearly $1.6 billion powerball were announced in the United States.

So far, it has been confirmed that the jackpot will be split three ways between winners from Florida, California, and a family in Tennessee, leaving over $500 million before taxes to each party.

A new social media trend has started popping up on Facebook and Instagram, in which people falsely claiming to have won the powerball are promising to split their winnings with anyone who shares their post. It is important to be wary of these posts, as the lottery company has not officially confirmed them.



Nominations for the 2016 Oscars have been released for all categories.

However, this announcement has stirred up controversy as it marks the second consecutive year in which every single nominated actor is white. This comes as no surprise, as according to an analysis published in 2013, the Academy’s voting board is made up of 93% white people.

Actress, Jada Pinkett Smith has since taken to twitter to express her frustration with the nominations in stating:

“At the Oscars…people of colour are always welcomed to give out awards…even entertain. But we are rarely recognized for our artistic accomplishments. Should people of color refrain from participating all together? People can only treat us in the way in which we allow. With much respect in the midst of deep disappointment.”




Yesterday, Syria’s government announced the deaths of 300 people as a result of a massacre carried out by ISIS on Saturday.

In the attack, ISIS shot and beheaded victims in Deir Ezzor, a region in which ISIS and the Syrian government have been battling for control over.

In addition, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that 400 people have been taken hostage, though the kidnappings have not yet been officially confirmed.

This brutal attack marks one of the highest death tolls to have taken place during Syria’s ongoing war. Throughout the week, we will hopefully have more exact numbers of the fatalities and hostages.




According to the BBC and Buzzfeed, the two news outlets have obtained evidence of widespread match fixing at world tennis championships, such as Wimbledon.

The secret files are said to contain evidence of match fixing conducted by gambling syndicates in Russia and Italy, which was uncovered in 2008 by authorities, who kept the evidence under wraps.

In the past decade, 16 of the top ranked 50 players have been suspected of taking part in thrown matches, but have been allowed to continue competing. Today, more than half of these players are scheduled to play at the Australian Open match.

You can read the entire exposé here:

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