News Unplugged - Friday, Nov. 13

News Unplugged - Friday, Nov. 13

Racist Threats at University of Missouri

This past Tuesday, violent, racially charged threats against African American students at the University of Missouri were found on the popular social media app; Yik Yak. In addition, there were reports of sightings of KKK members on campus.

According to university police, there is no evidence of the racist group present, however, an arrest of a 19 year old in close proximity to campus has been made on Wednesday for the terrorist threat. In addition, vandalism was found outside of the school’s black culture center yesterday morning.

Since the incidents, president of the university, Timothy Wolfe has resigned from his position. Students at Missouri as well as students at other college campuses across America have taken to protesting the racist acts.


Trudeau’s Cabinet Discusses Syrian Refugee Resettlement Plan

Yesterday morning, prime minister, Trudeau met with his cabinet to discuss resettlement plans for 25,000 Syrian refugees.

It is expected that most of Canada’s refugees will be chosen from Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Currently there are still 4.3 million Syrians seeking refuge from the dangerous conditions of their country, brought about by the terrorist organization, ISIS.

The Liberal government hopes to act quickly in this urgent matter, and properly accommodate the refugees by the end of the year.


Utah Judge Denies Adoption of Foster Child by Lesbian Couple

This past Tuesday in Utah, Judge Johansen, has ordered that a 1-year-old foster child be removed from the care of couple, April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce.

The decision was made based solely on the fact that the foster parents are lesbians, with Johansen stating, “Children are ‘better off ‘ when raised by heterosexual parents.”

The couple is legally married, licensed to take in foster children, and have the approval of the foster child’s birth mother to adopt the baby. In an interview, the couple stated that they are “shattered” by the unfair ruling made by Johansen.

As of now, the foster agency’s attorneys are reviewing and hoping to challenge the decision.


Beirut Suicide Bombings

On Thursday night, two suicide bombings in Southern Beirut are reported to have left 41 innocent civilians dead and over 200 wounded. The bombings took place at one of the largest Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

The identities of the terrorists remain unknown, and are currently under investigation by military officials and local authorities.

Prime Minister Tammam Salam has since declared Friday a day of mourning for the victims of the bombings.


Canadian billionaire, Marco Muzzo has been charged with four counts of impaired driving after killing a family of six, this past September in Vaughan.

Driving at double the legal alcohol limit, Muzzo’s SUV collided with the family’s car at the intersection of Kirby road and Kipling Avenue, killing three children and their grandfather in the process.

Muzzo’s family is best known for their reputable contracting company and multi billion dollar empire, and Muzzo is scheduled to appear next in court on November 26th. Until then, Muzzo will be held in custody in Lindsay, Ontario.


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