Naidanac and Friends - March 21 // Pork&Duck Friends Mix

Hey there Friends, another week has passed and more music has surfaced everywhere we look!! There are couple shows happening in the surrounding area as well as KW!  The Tri-City Rave Community is hosting there weekly event @ The Order in Waterloo on Tuesday nights! Make sure to join the group on Facebook! Also this Saturday was the Dada Land compound at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre!! It was quite an entertaining time and loads of bananas!  Also, DJ Chuckie will be @ Pearl Waterloo April 1st!

Also Ultra Music Festival in Miami we’ll taking place in Miami next weekend with a live stream on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!! FESTIVAL SEASON IS UPON US!

This week we have special guest mixes from DJ Pork, and DJ Duck.  Duck is spinning through the Pre-Mix with Pork taking up the back-end of the Afterhours Sessions.

Hope you enjoy!! and see you next weekend!


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