News Unplugged: Friday, March 6, 2015

Police Killing Sees Clamp Down on Corrupt Cops

Sweeping changes are expected to overwhelm the small community of St. Louis in Ferguson, Missouri.

This is against the background of Michael Brown, a black unarmed 18 year old boy who was killed by Darren Wilson.

However, the officer has since been cleared by the Department of Justice of all federal civil charges laid before him.

On another note, the area was plagued by police who sent racist emails, give exuberantly high tickets and use excessive force for minor offences.

The Mayor of Ferguson, Missouri, James Knowles III, has reiterated that we must do better, not only as a city but as a state and as a country, to correct our mistakes.

corrupt cop

Quebec Women have to Declare Sexual History

Health Minister, Gaetan Barrette, has proposed a legislation that requires Quebec women to declare that they have been sexually active for a long period if the Government is to finance their vitro fertilization.

Women would have to sign a statement indicating their sexual history.

The rationale the minister said was behind the legislation was that the procedure is quite costly and they do not want it to be used unnecessarily.

PeopleCare in Stratford Closes for Months

PeopleCare long term  care home in Stratford, has announced that the facility will remain close for months as the cleaning up process gains momentum.

The damage done by the breakage in the main pipe was very extensive and as such, time is required to fix the issue.

PeopleCare houses 55 residents who were all relocated to homes in Waterloo, Wellington County and Cambridge after the evacuation.

OUA Men’s Hockey Championship

The University of Guelph for the first time in 21 years will host the OUA Men’s Hockey Championship game.

The 104th edition of the Queen’s Cup will be played this Saturday night and the venue will be the Gryphon Centre.


Sixth-ranked Guelph will entertain fifth ranked UQTR in a unique single-game championship.

‘Beauty and the Beast’

The new live-action, “Beauty and the Beast,” which cast Emma Watson as Belle, will also star “Downton Abbey’s” Dan Stevens as the Beast.

Watson herself welcomed her co-star on board after the news was reported in the Hollywood Reporter.



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