Cumberbatch looks Strange.

Cumberbatch looks Strange.

Come on, he does. Look at him. Looks like a weird alien, as the Trailer Park Boys would say.



This week I talked Fury, the Dr. Strange almost casting of Benedict Cumberbatch and how Boyhood is playing in Brantford November 13, which I really-really-really want to see.

Fury is amazing, and is a crazy intense film, so go out to the theatres and check that one out. In needs to be seen in theatres, or at least on a system with good surround sound – the sounds and shots and explosions in that film are intense.

Anyway, going on in the world wide web this week, here’s is a supercut of every on screen death from the original Star Wars trilogy. According to the video, there were an estimated 2,005,645,868 deaths throughout the movies. Of course, this counts Alderaan and the two death stars, but still, it looks like Lucas was a genocidal maniac. Also the music is fantastic.

Here’s a cool video on silencers, and how they don’t work like they do in the movies/video games in real-life. Though if you watch Mythbusters you already knew that.

Finally, I just find this next thing hilarious.

I will see you all next week, but for now, keep that popcorn popping!

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