But It's Where I Lay Up!

But It's Where I Lay Up!

Wudddupppp friends?! Hope all is well with y’all and your summer shenanigans. Keep in mind, we are half done summer so make sure to turn up when you deem most appropriate. We are keeping the bars and turn up tracks ¬†flowing over on this side so we’ve got your bases covered all summer long.

We kicked off the show with some new music from Sauga City’s very own; PartyNextDoor. The OVO Sound rappersinger brings us a little taste of his upcoming project which is due out very very soon. The track is called Her Way and features that classic summer serenade that y’all fell in love with last year. Check it out here.

In other news, Kanye stunted in Cannes, Slowbucks is beefin’ with everyone and battle rap hits primetime TV. So, yeah.

Next, I asked y’all a question. Ready? Okay so here it goes. Do rappers need blogs or do blogs need rappers? The answer? Well, it’s complicated. There was a time when rappers needed these outlets more than anything in the world. Things like radio, blogs, TV spots, and any print press they could get their hands on was the do-all end-all. Nowadays with that little thing called “the internet”, rappers can promo themselves at almost the exact same level. So who needs who? Basically, rappers need the best body of work possible. If the music is standout, the blogs will pick it up and the rest is history. A rapper’s focus shouldn’t be 100% on the promo, make sure the product if perfect before you start pushing it. Trust us. Our good friend Drizzy sums it up well in the video below. Skip to the 20:05 mark.

Next on the docket we played some new music from theO. He just dropped his official mixtape entitled ‘Something Changed’. It has five tracks that paint a super dope picture of where the young MC is at in his life at the moment. Check it out below and make sure to go download!

Well, that is it from us this week. Check us out July 2nd for more new summer rapsonrapsonraps.








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