True North November 26th 2013

True North November 26th 2013

This week on True North I had tons of Canadian music from all over to play for you! I’m going to cover all the songs and artists I played for you.

First was Tiny Danza from Toronto, Ontario and their songs Caught By The Game and Beatfly

Second was To Tell from London, Ontario and their songs Change Me Now and In Your Eyes

Third was These Three Cities from Toronto, Ontario and their songs Wonderful (Now That You’re Gone) and Turn To Red

Fourth was These Silhouettes from Coubourg, Ontario and their songs London Bridges and Here We Go Again

Fifth was Stereokid from Oakville, Ontario and their songs Here We Go and Movin’ Up

– their album is free to download at

Sixth was Classified from Enfield, Nova Scotia and his songs 3 Foot Tall and All About You

Seventh was Michou from Windsor, Ontario and their song Eavesdropping

And last but not least was Posters by Peter Katz

The link to his incredibly artistic and amazing music video is here:











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