Album Review: Flower Boy
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Album Review: Flower Boy

Officially known as Scum F**k Flower Boy (hereafter SFFB), the latest album by Tyler, the Creator is making waves on charts everywhere. It was named “Best New Music” hours after its release on July 21, and the single “Who Dat Boy” ft. A$AP Rocky was the #1 streamed song on Spotify that day, as well.

I have to admit that after Tyler’s last album, Cherry Bomb, I had very low expectations for SFFB. Now don’t get me wrong… I didn’t hate Cherry Bomb. I really loved a few of the songs, such as the jazzy “FIND YOUR WINGS.” However, given how I normally respond to Tyler’s work, I was incredibly underwhelmed.

With every listen of SFFB, I like the album more. Some of my favourite tracks include:

  1. “Who Dat Boy”
  2. “Boredom”
  3. “I Ain’t Got Time”
  4. “See You Again”

There’s been talk about the lyrics of tracks like “Garden Shed” being an admission of Tyler’s homosexuality. If that’s the case, more power to him; love is love. Although as a long time listener, I get the feeling that the lyrics could literally just be in place to spark interest and conversation. In “I Ain’t Got Time,” he says that he’s “…been kissing white boys since 2004.” Who really knows besides Tyler?

If you haven’t already, Tyler fan or not, give this album a go. If you like mellower rap, this is the direction to go in. There are quite a few soft vocals and piano samples sprinkled throughout, which definitely adds to my list of reasons why I enjoy it so much.

Watch the video for “Who Dat Boy” here:

The Rap Up: Episode No. 10
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The Rap Up: Episode No. 10


Kanye… What’s Going on Buddy?

Kanye West has had quite the week. Fans in attendance at his two most recent concerts in California, were left confused and frustrated. After only performing a couple songs, Kanye began ranting at length over his support for; Donald Trump, frustration with Jay Z and Beyonce, distain for Drake and DJ Khaled unfairly promoting their hit “For Free” on the radio, and his opinion that African-American individuals should stop talking about racism. It didn’t get better from there either. The next day Kanye cancelled the remaining three stops in his St. Pablo Tour for exhaustion. Last night, it was reported by CNN that Kanye had in fact been admitted at a Los Angeles medical center where he was kept under observation regarding his health and safety. CNN reports this decision was influenced by his personal doctor after evaluating West for extreme sleep deprivation. 


Lil Wayne Vs. Birdman

Recently Lil Wayne performed at a concert that Tyler the Creator puts on and he denounced Cash Money and shouted out Roc-a-fella. Of course Birdman had a little hissy fit about it and squashed all negotiations that were in placed for Lil Wayne to leave Cash Money. Birdman and Lil Wayne are basically like father and son, or they once were. Coming up in the rap game as a young artist there’s no denying that Birdman helped with the success of Lil Wayne. Break ups happen, we all go through it, have seen people go through it, it’s a natural part of life. In this situation Birdman is appearing to be that crazy ex wife that does not want to let go of a love and relationship that’s no longer there by being petty and dragging the divorce settlement. In this situation Birdman, who’s the CEO of Cash Money Records is holding on to The Carter 5, and wants Lil Wayne to release it under Cash Money so he can profit from it as well. Birdman is known in the industry for not paying artists and taking advantage of them. He’s even been compared to the notorious Suge Knight, except Suge would actually put Birdman to shame. For someone who he’s referred to as his son in interviews, Birdman sure do have a way of showing us how to treat your children.


Views Pays Off

Over this past weekend Drake has received 4 AMA awards for his hard work on the album Views. He received the awards for Favourite Rap Hip Hop album, favourite artist, and 2 for favourite songs Hip Hop and R&B for “Work” and “Hotline Bling”. While on stage accepting his award Drake throws some shade on who we believed to be is Kanye West. Due to the inappropriate 16 minute rant Kanye went on this past weekend in Sacramento. Kanye called out Drake saying him and DJ Khaled had some type of agreement with the radio to always be playing the song “For Free”. Drake while accepting his speech says “Careful how you speak my name” then later on in the evening ABC gave a congratulations post on Instagram to Drake on his wins for the night and Khaled comments ” congratulations”. Then Drake replied by saying ” stop running your mouth and make a hit”. We all assume Kanye was the guy he was talking about because it was the most recent event but it could also any other rapper Drake is beefing with. Who do you guys think he was talking about?


(written by TJ Mroz, Garrick Gray & Yafet Berhane)


Songs Played This Week:

In My Foreign – The Americanos Ft. ty dolla sign, lil yachty, nicky jam, & French Montana

Patient – Post Malone

Infinite – Eminem

Wednesday Morning – Macklemore

Party Monster – The Weeknd

I Feel It Coming – The Weeknd Ft. Daft Punk

Ain’t tryin – Future

Poppin Tags – Future

The Sing Along – Nick Grant

Luxury Vintage Rap – Nick GrantThe Space Program – A Tribe Called Quest

Buy Back The Block – Rick Ross Ft. 2 Chainz & Gucci Mane

The space program – A Tribe Called Quest

Ballerina (remix) – Belly ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Week 09: November 14, 2016
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Week 09: November 14, 2016

The trio of DJ Deej, DJ Winks, and DJ Nix were in the studio last night with lots to talk about. All of the topics were different, but it all came full circle in the end.

On a whim, DJ Winks made his way to London, Ontario for the 109th Yates Cup. The Laurier Men’s Football Team have not played for the cup since 2006, and the win was incredible. Although unable to attend, DJ Deej watched some game on CHCH, and DJ Nix followed on the @radiolaurier snapchat feed. They all agree that the event is something that we can all be proud of as members of the Laurier community, whether we are football fans or not.

Belly and Juicy J are going on tour in January. Belly is a beloved Canadian artist, and the three agree that Juicy J is a hype feature artist, but none are thinking about grabbing tickets to the shows. Belly used to be kind of under the radar, but since his fairly recent label change and the release of his latest mixtape Up For Days, the star is making waves. Earlier this year in May, Belly and The Weeknd (whose album Starboy is dropping November 25th, cancelled their appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, since Donald Trump was also going to be present; Belly is Muslim.

Speaking of Donald Trump (of course), it has been a week since his election in the good ol’ U.S. of A. The DJs are still feeling ways, but are hoping that his acceptance speech will be a sign of what is to come following his first 100 days. Despite certain grievances, we must still give him a chance. Frankly, we have no choice. There is such an overkill of Trump material in mass media at the moment, but the Barack Obama and Joe Biden memes are keeping it light and refreshing. Their friendship is one to be jealous of, that’s for sure. How else would they catch them sharing so many moments? Can we say “bromance?” Totally. Thinking forward, we’re hoping for a joint Presidential team of Kanye West and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Why not, right?


On Complex, pictures from the anticipated Camp Flog Gnaw performance surfaced. Tyler, the Creator was joined by many of the original members of OFWGKTA (a.k.a. Odd Future), as well as Erykah Badu. See the @complex instagram, and Tyler in our feature image.

On December 9th, Apple Music will issue the documentary titled 808, about the Roland TR-808 drum machine that changed electronic music – and all music – forever. It was created in the 1980s, and has not lost its ground or popularity since. The documentary will feature stars like Questlove of The Roots and Pharrell Williams. Also great in the 1980s was a lot of the music from the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, which will see its follow-up released next summer. That was a decent segue (?)

This week’s track list is as follows:

  1. Me and Your Mama – Childish Gambino
  2. Don’t Be Shy – Belly ft. Nina Sky
  3. Sorry – Justin Bieber
  4. Hooked on a Feeling – Blue Suede
  5. Sneakin’ – Drake ft. 21 Savage
  6. Bad and Bougee – Migos ft. Lil’ Uzi Vert
  7. Lovesick (Remix) – Mura Masa ft. A$AP Rocky
  8. Dancin’ (Krono Remix) – Aaron Smith
The Rap Up: Pre-Reading Week
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The Rap Up: Pre-Reading Week

Disc #1 of The Documentary 2

The latest victim of the leak, is Game and disc #1 of his double disc album, The Documentary 2. Normally this is a pretty grey issue depending on your opinion of leaks, but this time we’re just happy to get a head start on this 38 track album. I know others in hip-hop publication would agree, Game really gave us some homework with this one, and even for fans can be a lot to take in. Disc #1 is so west-coast you can almost smell the California Dispensaries through your iPhone, and with that being said, hurry up and download it before disc 2 drops and it’s a whole new game!


Uncle Snoop tell us a story pleeeaaasseee!

With the BET Hip-Hop awards right around the corner, hosted by Snoop himself, he’s decided to add just a tad more buzz around himself. Earlier this week Snoop uploaded a photo to Instagram which reads “the movement. Cd. Hosted by Dj Drama (emoji) Trick or Treat”. Of course, the internet has jumped to many conclusions as to what this might mean, including the possibility of a free mix-tape arriving on Halloween. This is pretty exciting considering Snoops last album was BUSH which came out over a year ago and we haven’t heard anything since. Even though Snoop is starting to look a little more grandfather than Doggfather these days, we’re really hoping DJ Drama helps Uncle Snoop take it back to the streets for some real story telling that you just don’t seem to get anymore.


Tyler The Creator… of an animated series?

That’s right, Tyler The Creator is launching his own animated series. Which totally makes sense considering Tyler is more like an R-rated cartoon character than anyone we here at The Rap Up can think of. From what we’ve seen of the teaser, it has some serious potential. 16 year old Cornell Jelly is the star character of the show once discovering he’s a human that’s been adopted by a family of jelly fish. Don’t ask us why it took so long to realize. There’s no set date for the premiere yet but we’re hoping it’s soon because Netflix’s stream has been really weak lately.


Songs played tonight:

On a Wave – P Reign

Murda Mook – Chief Keef Ft. Sean Kingston

King Of Everything – Wiz Khalifa

679 (remix) – Jeezy (Fetty Wap & Monty)

Pour Up – Lil Wayne

Voices In My Head – Wale

Get Loose – Wale

Sorry – Rick Ross Ft. Chris Brown

Don’t Trip – Game Ft. Ice Cube, Dr. Dre &

Mula – Game Ft. Kanye West

On Me – Game Ft. Kendrick Lamar

Just Another Day – Game

Exchange – Bryson Tiller



Routine Rouge – PARTYNEXTDOOR Ft. Ty Dolla Sign & Rich the Kid

Look Both Ways Before You Cross Me…
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Look Both Ways Before You Cross Me…

Wuddduupp friends?! Hopefully you guys are having an easy time with midterms and such. I know that I’ve been procrastinating procrastirapping like crazy. I’m suuure yall have been too. BUT! If you wanna take a little study bar break, then take a look at what went down this week in hip-hop.

First we have the GOAT. M&M Eminem dropped a track off his upcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP Part 2. The song is called Rap God and it perfectly displays why Marshall is still the god of rap. Check it out right here. We also had a new little signing from the good folks over at YMCMB. Birdman and Co. have signed west coast rapper The Game. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.  The Game has been labeless for a minute now and his long time collaborators and gang affiliates (suwooooop to the b-gang) scooped him up for a full deal. Hopefully Game can make some of that old Documentary ishhh again. Please and thanks…

We also had a little scuffle between Drake and Future. Future, when talking to Billboard, kinda chirped Drake’s new album. Therefore, Drizzy axed him from their upcoming ‘Would You Like A Tour’ tour. BUT! They seemed to have made up and now Future is back. That’s word to Stunna yaaaa know.

ps: the BET Awards aired this week and we saw some cypher sounds. I’m not gunna say a ton, I’m just gunna show you some of the dope rhymes, rhythms and reasons.

REAL OR RATCHET this week was the winners of this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards. There are a whole wack on awards and a ton of nominees. We deemed some legit but others were just plain WHACK! Check the list of winners here for yourself and let us know what you think.

GLAYSHS GUILTY PLEASURE was none other than DJ Khaled’s new anthem entitled You Dont Want These Problems. Does it have any features? 2ChainzAceHoodBigSeanFrenchMontanaMeekMillRickRossTimbaland. Did you get all that? Good. Well, it knocks so check it out right here.

THE REALNESS was, well, real. We looked at Drake axing Future from his upcoming tour. EVEN THOUGH Drake brought him back on after Future filed a lawsuit, we thought it would be cool to look at it anyways. Is it a sucker move for Drake to axe Future from the tour just because he said bad things about NWTS? Should Future just have bitten his lip (he is projected to make $40,000 per show)? We think it’s a bit of both. Moral of the story: DON’T BIT THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!

VERSE OF THE WEEK was gross kinda. This week (in anticipation of Halloween) we decided to pick the MOST GRUESOME VERSE. This had to be a verse that was utterly disgusting and gut wrenching. I picked Earl Sweatshirt’s verse of Earl and Kamo picked Tyler, The Creator’s verse on Yonkers. Le winner? Earl Sweatshirt!!! That brings me to 4-2? 5-2? Someone please tell Kamo to catch up. Ha!

Anyways, that is all from us. Make sure to catch us same time same place. Oh yeah, and follow us on Twitter and join the convo @RLRapUp










Peace, Love & The Bar Tab At Pharrell’s Wedding

You Ain’t Even Know It!
The RapUp/The RapUp

You Ain’t Even Know It!

Wuddduuppp yall?! I know that errrybody is gearing up for finals and stuff but we thought it would be beneficially baller for us to broadcast to yall as we always do. Consider it the calm turn up before the storm.

We staaaaarted *Drake voice* the show with something that I thought was amazing. My hero/idol/soon to be bestfriend Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 dropped his very own mixtape. Now don’t get it twisted, Mr. Rosenberg doesn’t drop bars but he did however assemble some of the Big Apple’s newest and most talented MCs to contribute to his fresh boom bap tape entitled ‘The New York Renaissance’. Rappers such as Joey Bada$$, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Flatbush Zombies and Action Bronson all made appearances on the tape. Our favorite was from Pro Era’s frontman’s new track called ‘Day In The Life’. Check it out right here. #NYBack

In other news, moon man Kid Cudi has switched up his mojo and left GOOD Music. This split came after a supposed chit-chat with Kanye in which Cudder said that he really wanted to breakoff and do his own thaaang. This comes as no surprise to us, simply because his music wasn’t really that good. (check the pun) He is looking for a comeback with his next album entitled ‘Indicud’. At first glance, the album sounds tight and similar to that pursuit of happiness Cudi that we all love and know. Check out his newest single called ‘Girls’ right here.

Ever wonder who was the hottest rapper in 1979? Did you even know rap was around in 1979? Well, it was. Complex put together a list of the hottest rapper in each year starting all the way back in 1979. It was super cool to see who was hot way back in the day and what they looked like. Word to LL’s bucket hat. We concluded that Eminem and Hov had the most titles. Typical renegades. Check the full list here. Peep the gold chain on 1987…

We swerved on over to some of that Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure which is easily everybody’s favorite segment. Right? I had an internal struggle trying to decide this weeks TURN UP ANTHEM buuuuut I ended up giving in to guiltiest of pleasures. Instead of some new Tyga featuring 2 Chainz, I went with some of that good kush and alcohol. This week’s GGP was ‘Love Me’ by Lil Wayne with help from Drake and Future. I know that we’ve played it alot and I am considering retiring it but it was just tooo turnt to turn down. Check out the video here. I can give a fvck ’bout no hater as long as…

We moved on to potentially our realest Realness yet. This past week, Mr. Maybach himself, Rick Ross, dropped a verse on Rocko’s comeback track called ‘U.O.E.N.O.’ The song is getting a lot of attention but for the wrong reasons. In his 32 bar verse, Ross drops an extremely shady double by saying “Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain’t even know it.” HOLD UP ROZAY! If you don’t quite understand let me break it down. He is saying that he drugged a girl, took her home, had relations, liked it and all the while she is totally unaware. This sounds like something straight outta the sex offenders list. Now, obviously Ross isn’t actually going out to clubs and date raping girls (I mean, he isn’t exactly the most truthful rapper i.e. his job as a correctional officer) and he has publicly apologized for the lines and stated that him and his MMG camp do not support or condone rape. The thing that we wondered is why people are catching feelings about this particular line but not all the murder/robbery/drug dealing/home invasion/torture/misogynistic lines that countless rappers have rapped over the years? What makes us draw the line here? Check the track here and let us know what you think about this whole thing by joining the conversation on Twitter @RLRapUp

For Verse of the Week, we had our homie Ryan Little come thru and judge The Angriest Verse. The qualifications for Angriest Verse were simple. It had to mean, it had to be aggressive and a rapper “AUGGGHHHH” was mandatory. I kicked it off with Tyler The Creator’s first verse on Yonkers. Cutz went with Eminem’s second verse on Puke and Kamo went with Drake’s guest verse on All of the Lights Remix. All of which are super angry in their own right but our judge made his final call and the winner this week was…. GLAYSH! Tyler came thru big for me here and I finally have some momentum going into the last month of school. Check out his roach-eating/angry video here.

Well, that’s it from us this week. Check us out next week at the same time and at the same place. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @RLRapUp and let us know what songs you wanna hear on our next show. We are listening…







Peace, Love & Bucket Hats