Tonight’s artist spotlight will be Rolla Olak! He is another Canadian artist, and you guys know how much I love playing Canadian music. Rolla Olak has a very interesting sound, lots of guitar and some really stellar lyrics. Today on ‘Take It or Leave It’ I am going to be discussing the idea of pipelines and their relation to our government, DAPL Protesters, and conflicts of interest. I have had a crazy cold so my voice may be a bit scratchy. I think that you will enjoy my vibes of the day today, they have some funky new songs in them and one of my favorite new songs. If you want to check out some of Rolla Olak’s music, here is some links to his media! His website:  Bandcamp page: Facebook Page: and finally his Twitter: I really like the fact that the idea that some of his videos for his songs on YouTube is just a Lava Lamp doing its thing. Check me out at 8pm and stay until ten! If you’re doing some late night studying for the approaching midterms stay until 11pm for After Class!

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