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January 25th Show
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January 25th Show

Tonight’s artist spotlight will be Rolla Olak! He is another Canadian artist, and you guys know how much I love playing Canadian music. Rolla Olak has a very interesting sound, lots of guitar and some really stellar lyrics. Today on ‘Take It or Leave It’ I am going to be discussing the idea of pipelines and their relation to our government, DAPL Protesters, and conflicts of interest. I have had a crazy cold so my voice may be a bit scratchy. I think that you will enjoy my vibes of the day today, they have some funky new songs in them and one of my favorite new songs. If you want to check out some of Rolla Olak’s music, here is some links to his media! His website:  Bandcamp page: Facebook Page: and finally his Twitter: I really like the fact that the idea that some of his videos for his songs on YouTube is just a Lava Lamp doing its thing. Check me out at 8pm and stay until ten! If you’re doing some late night studying for the approaching midterms stay until 11pm for After Class!

The Darcy’s Artist Spotlight!
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The Darcy’s Artist Spotlight!

Tonight The Darcy’s will be my Artist spotlight! Last week we had Marlon Chaplin on doing a debut of his two new singles, Fossils and Annabelle + Someone. In keeping with the theme of last weeks interview, The Darcy’s are Canadian! The Darcy’s are from Toronto, which is incredibly cool that I am able to do another artist from our backyard this week! The Darcy’s have a very interesting sound, very similar to popular Indie bands. I have no doubt that these guys will be on the billboard charts in no time. Tune in at our regular time to learn a little bit more about these guys from Toronto! I am continuing with our two new segments, the ‘Now Playing’ function on Twitter and the ‘Take It Or Leave It’ section where I comment on a current political subject. Tune in at 8pm and stay until 10pm for the whole show!

CIA “The Sound” Nov. 13th
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CIA “The Sound” Nov. 13th


In case you missed our show that airs every Sunday at 3pm, don’t panic!  Here is a quick overview of what happened:

First off, if you’re new to this, The Sound is a show that is run by the CIA (Composers and Improvisors Association), a group of students on campus that represent student artists.  The Sound features music, sound art, poetry, spoken word, short stories (anything really!) that is written by Laurier student, alumni, and faculty.  We would love to have some of your works on the show, if you are an artist at Laurier and what to get your work on The Sound, please do so by sending your file(s) here:          and send us a brief description of your piece.

This week we showcased Laurier very own Hilary Whiskin and Dave Klassen, who came into the studio to talk to us about composition and improvisation techniques.  They had much to say about these topics, but if I had to sum it up, it would be like so; if you’re stuck in a writer’s block, and can’t figure out where to begin, try limiting yourself.  “Less is more” in the world of composition.  Limit yourself in the instrumentation that you want to use, or the amount of notes.  Pick very limited guidelines and stick with it.  An example that Hilary mentioned was writing an entire piece using only a single note.

In regards to Improvisation, Dave suggested that getting “too into” what you’re doing could distract you from creating your finest work when improvising.  Playing off of your partner will inspire you to create fresh new ideas on the fly.  Heck, your partner(s) will end up doing half of the work for you if you just listen, as they will do the same for you.  Otherwise you may end up in a repetitive cycle, playing the same ideas over and over.  It’s easier than you think!

Finally, the second half of the show featured James and myself, James, improvising on the many synthesizers we have here in the Studio.  For those curious, we used a Nord Electro, Korg MS-20, Roland Juno 106, and a Kawaii SX-240.  We laughed, we cried, it was beautiful.



Student Composer Concert, Wed. Nov. 16th.  8pm, Maureen Forrester Recital Hall (Free!)

Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People:  Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 8pm | Walper Hotel – Oak Room
20 Queen St. S., Kitchener
$15 General / $10 Senior & Arts Worker /  $5 Student

WLU Symphony Orchestra: Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 8pm | Theatre Auditorium







It’s October 26th everyone!

Cold Weather Company in front of their legendary bus!

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It’s October 26th everyone!

As the title says, it is October 26th and I hope you’re going to tune in because do we ever have some killer indie and folk music for you! Tonight we have a very odd band for you to check out. They’re called Cold Weather Company, I like them a lot just because they have an alt folk feel to them. In a ton of their songs they feature a piano which I absolutely love. The Piano pared with and acoustic guitar gets me every time. Cold Weather Company gets straight to my feels everyone, I hope they’ll get to yours too!


  • Marlon Chaplin – Conviction
  • Brown Bird – Bow for Blade
  • Tim Atlas – Wanderer
  • Rudderless – Over your Shoulder
  • Cold Weather Company – Fellow in the North
  • Cold Weather Company – Wide eyed
  • Cold Weather Company – Garden
  • Cold Weather Company – Inside your Eyes
  • Cold Weather Company – Horizon Fire
  • Cold Weather Company – Steer
  • Cold Weather Company – Jasmine
  • Cold Weather Company – Tumbling
  • Cold Weather Company – Fall Low
  • Cold Weather Company – Recollection
  • The Getbye – Groove Train
  • The Fratellis – Dogtown
  • Cage the Elephant – Portuguese Knife Fight
  • Paper Lions – Don’t Touch that Dial
  • Bears Den – Above the Clouds of Pompeii
  • The Elwins – You Have Me
  • Birdtalker – Graveclothes
  • Alt J – Left Hand Free
  • Brown Bird – Needy Generator
  • Bears Den – A Year Ago Today
  • Scenic Route to Alaska – Taking its Toll
  • East Love – Straight Lines
  • Rudderless – Real friends
  • Alt J – Every Other Freckle
  • Cinders – I Could do Better
October 19th Show You, Me, and Indie

Tonight's artist spotlight

Music Shows/You, Me & Indie/Music Shows/You, Me & Indie
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October 19th Show You, Me, and Indie

This show is all about folk music! I think that this may be the first show that I have absolutely no indie rock which is very odd considering in every one of my shows I play a ton of indie rock. Our artist spotlight will be Brown Bird, this is an extremely amazing band with quite the groovy folk sound. Brown Bird uses as many different interesting instruments as they possibly can. My personal favorite is when they use cello in their songs, it gives a laid back old fashioned folk sound. Brown Bird makes me want to sit and listen, sometimes they make me want to dance. Brown Bird as a band has an incredibly sad story, tune in tonight to hear about it and learn a little about the band. I’ll be on form 8-10pm to give you a little taste of Brown Bird!

Track List

  • Low Roar – Nobody Loves Me Like You
  • MaJLo – Lights
  • Bears Den – Above The Clouds of Pompeii
  • Rudderless – Real Friends
  • Brown Bird – Down to the River
  • Brown Bird – Bow for Blade
  • Brown Bird – Amelia Earhart
  • Brown Bird – Seven Hells
  • Brown Bird – Blood of Angels
  • Brown Bird – Nine Eyes
  • Brown Bird – Gallows
  • Brown Bird – Thunder & Lightning
  • Brown Bird – Chairkickers
  • Brown Bird – Nothing Left
  • Bears Den – A Year Ago Today
  • Andreas Moe – Borderline
  • Birdy – Words as Weapons
  • Woody Piney – You Can Stay
  • WILD – Silver & Gold
  • Joseph Hyslop – Nowhere Left to Go
  • Latch Key Kid – Streets of Gold
  • Head and The Heart – Lets be Still
  • Jeremy Messersmith – Ghosts
  • Ladybug and The Wolf – Don’t Pretend
  • The Brevet – Moving Mountains
  • Noah Clouds – Love is Not Enough
  • East Love – Straight Lines
  • Cold Weather Company – Fellow in the North
  • Land of Tree – Get Rid of Your Ghosts
  • Hanging Valleys – Coast Days
  • Sonofdov – Let Me In
Reading Week Show!
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Reading Week Show!

Hey there whosoever’s ears and eyes I have on reading week, if you’re not on reading week then tune in anyway tonight at 8pm and stay till ten for some killer tunes! This week’s artist spotlight is the band Cinders. They are from Salt Lake City Utah and do a ton of touring in the United States. They have taken the indie scene by storm although they are not huge yet they are building momentum which I love to see. Today’s vibes are the result of me getting to eat leftover turkey and pumpkin pie for lunch, so tune in tonight for that! The show tonight will, like last week be folksy while still having some indie rock feels. I hope that you’re as stoked as I am to catch some killer reading week vibes on tonight’s reading week section of the show! Tune in to catch a listen to Cinders for sure for some killer tunes from this up and coming band! It’s going to be an amazing show tonight from You, Me, and, Indie, follow the show on twitter at @youmeandindieRL and look us up of Facebook to give us a like. Remember that you can always hit us up on social media if you want to hear a specific band or a song that you want played next week. If you’re a local artist then for sure check us out because we’d love to get you in for an interview and to hear some of your music!

Track List

  1. Drifting – ON AN ON
  2. Alt – J – Pusher
  3. Brown Bird – End of Days
  4. Uncivil Rest – Lurking Ghost
  5. Cinders – Locked Up
  6. Cinders – Closed Blinds
  7. Cinders – Found
  8. Cinders – Hope You Do
  9. Cinders – Dog Heart
  10. Cinders – Call it Home
  11. Cinders – Last Years Winter
  12. Cinders – Like a Holiday
  13. The Fratellis – dogtown
  14. Cage the elephant – Portugeuse Knife Fight
  15. Bronze Age Boats – Vesuvius, Now
  16. Tropical Zombie – Waterslides
  17. Jason Gladwin – Beautiful Food
  18. Northern National – Love is Fire
  19. Alexis Kings – Squire
  20. I Said Yes – Must Be Good
  21. Groenland – Distractions
  22. Pia Si – Who Are We
  23. The Fratellis – Little by Little
  24. Alt-J – Gospel of John Hurt
  25. Racing Glaciers – Moths
  26. The Eastern Sea – The Match