Wuddduuppp yall?! I hope yall haven’t turned down too much from Halloween because Kamo and I are toooo turnt. Well maybe not. Anyways, we kinda had a slow week in hip-hop but we still managed to keep things funfunfun! We hope…

We kicked things off with a little BamBam Action Bronson. Queens’ finest just dropped a new tape called Blue Chips 2. It’s got some dope features and of course some of that classic NYC boom bap. Download it right here. We also had a mixtape drop from Mac Miller. He took on another persona and put together a project called Delusional Thomas. The raps are clean but the pitch is messy. Check it out here if you are up to it. Oh yeah, and Kamo went to the Chance The Rapper concert this past Monday and said it was too trill. Wait.. who? Check the cover photo. #AcidRap

PLUS, Nicki is mad at Drake, Kanye pushed back in tour, TDE is mad at the world (and maybe Kendrick) and Chief Keef went back to jail. All pretty typical stuff. Right?

REAL OR RATCHET this week was funny. Sooo we took a look at a list of the 20 funniest things rappers have ever said (not in a song) and deemed them either real or ratchet. Some of the slurs include Kanye’s T-Swift mic grab, CamRon’s trolling and of course Jim Jones “hit list”. Take a took at the list for yourself right here and let us know what you think! “I’m a gangster Ms. Katie”. Ha.

This week’s UNDERGROUND KING was a friend of the show and dope A-Town rhyme slinger. Did that sound corny? Don’t care because it’s our boy theO. theO is a rapper coming outta Aurora but currently resides in Kingston. He has released some tracks that he actually performed at last year’s Hip-Hop Hangout but is now releasing more material with his new tape ‘bOy’. The tape will have a little some some for everyone so make sure to check it when it drops. Just wait on it…

GGP this week came straight outta Harlem, well, more specifically, the A$AP camp. Fergy Ferg dropped the classic song ‘Shabba’ back in the summer. It features his labelmate A$AP Rocky and is the perfect Phils pre drink party track. Check out the extra trill video right here. FIY this song is best listened to while wearing 8 gold chains like you’re Shashabba Ranks!

THE REALNESS this week was, well, real. You know how rappers will get sexy R&B singers to do their hooks and then other rappers will fall in love with her voice and get her on their songs and on and on and on and on. BUT then they fizzle out and are never to be heard of again. You know what I’m talking ’bout? NO? Okay, well let me hit yall up with some examples. Ashanti, Missy Elliot, Mary J Blige, J LO and most recently Skylar Grey. However, now, in 2013, we have found our new singer-hook make-female. Can’t guess? Well, it is the lovely Jhene Aiko. Jhene has been on songs with J Cole, Drake and Childish Gambino and is killing it. She will undoubtedly be the next hook princess in hip-hop. Annnnd that’s real, from time G.

VERSE OF THE WEEK was bar heavy. This week we decided to do the ‘Best Punchline’ verse. This had to be a verse with some unreal punchlines that really hit hard. Pause. I picked Lil Wayne’s verse on Green Ranger while Kamo picked Big Sean’s verse on Lemonade. Winner winner chicken dinner? Kamo took this one for the first time in a while. That moves the score to 5-3 for moi. Don’t worry yall, Imma be her next week just to bring the bars right back. Ha!

Well, that’s it from us this week. Make sure to hit us up on Twitter (@RLRapUp) and join in on the conversation. We will smell yall next week at the same time and same place. Maybe with a ¬†few special guests…










Peace, Love & A Hit-Boy Ad Lib

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