This week we took a look at what’s on Catherine Mckenna’s agenda as she steps into the role of Trudeau’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. You can check out the National Observer article, it outlines many of the tasks Mckenna has to take on over the next 4 years.

We also took a look at the Paris attacks and what that will mean for the COP21 Climate Summit. The summit will continue however, sadly, many of the events, parades, and demonstrations scheduled to happen around the event have been cancelled due to safety concerns. You can find more detailsĀ here.

Finally we took a look at hydro damns, supposedly a clean method of producing energy however it seems they are actually not as clean as we think. You can read more about the green washing of hydro damn in this article.

Remember to check out the Waterloo Climate March happening Nov 29 in Waterloo Square

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