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Reading Week Show!
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Reading Week Show!

Hey there whosoever’s ears and eyes I have on reading week, if you’re not on reading week then tune in anyway tonight at 8pm and stay till ten for some killer tunes! This week’s artist spotlight is the band Cinders. They are from Salt Lake City Utah and do a ton of touring in the United States. They have taken the indie scene by storm although they are not huge yet they are building momentum which I love to see. Today’s vibes are the result of me getting to eat leftover turkey and pumpkin pie for lunch, so tune in tonight for that! The show tonight will, like last week be folksy while still having some indie rock feels. I hope that you’re as stoked as I am to catch some killer reading week vibes on tonight’s reading week section of the show! Tune in to catch a listen to Cinders for sure for some killer tunes from this up and coming band! It’s going to be an amazing show tonight from You, Me, and, Indie, follow the show on twitter at @youmeandindieRL and look us up of Facebook to give us a like. Remember that you can always hit us up on social media if you want to hear a specific band or a song that you want played next week. If you’re a local artist then for sure check us out because we’d love to get you in for an interview and to hear some of your music!

Track List

  1. Drifting – ON AN ON
  2. Alt – J – Pusher
  3. Brown Bird – End of Days
  4. Uncivil Rest – Lurking Ghost
  5. Cinders – Locked Up
  6. Cinders – Closed Blinds
  7. Cinders – Found
  8. Cinders – Hope You Do
  9. Cinders – Dog Heart
  10. Cinders – Call it Home
  11. Cinders – Last Years Winter
  12. Cinders – Like a Holiday
  13. The Fratellis – dogtown
  14. Cage the elephant – Portugeuse Knife Fight
  15. Bronze Age Boats – Vesuvius, Now
  16. Tropical Zombie – Waterslides
  17. Jason Gladwin – Beautiful Food
  18. Northern National – Love is Fire
  19. Alexis Kings – Squire
  20. I Said Yes – Must Be Good
  21. Groenland – Distractions
  22. Pia Si – Who Are We
  23. The Fratellis – Little by Little
  24. Alt-J – Gospel of John Hurt
  25. Racing Glaciers – Moths
  26. The Eastern Sea – The Match