Category: Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties with DJ Razzmatazz is a show all about the music. In our days, we hear so many words that they can sometimes become muddled and confusing. Technical Difficulties is a show featuring music without lyrics. The instrumental songs allow listeners to focus on other activities: homework, socializing etc. Instead of focusing on genres, each show will feature a different theme: chill-out introspection, hype and heavy, vibrant vibes and lustful love. Listeners can expect great grooves all show and won’t be overwhelmed with words! Tune in on Tuesdays from 5pm-7pm.


Technical Difficulties EP 5

Hola! Howdy! Hello! Hope you all had a great time listening to Technical Difficulties with DJ Razzmatazz yesterday! We covered some of my favourite genres today including classical, jazz, trap, house and even dub....