Technical Difficulties- EP 6

Technical Difficulties- EP 6

Hello all!

Yesterday we had our second last show of the semester, and I was already getting emotional. Yes, even the beat-pumping machine that is DJ Razzmatazz has his moments of sadness. But that’s alright because we got warmed up to his groovy selection of instrumental music!



This week was an especially chillaxed edition of TD as everyone around school is in a get-er-done mood so I strived to provide that background music that you can zone out to to finish that essay with. Featuring some classic Deep House remixes, Glitch Hop bouncers and even some Hyperdub burners, DJ Razzmatazz was sending out good vibes to all those go-getters out there. Technical Difficulties knows that everyone experiences so many lectures and words all day, and that there is a special time to connect with just the rhythm and beat of the song.


Make sure to tune in next week for the last show of the semester, destined to feature some of my all-time favourite tracks, as well as some songs I can guarantee you’ve never even heard of. ┬áHave a good one y’all and see you Tuesday at 5pm on!

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