The Morning Show Spill the Tea: EP 7

The Morning Show Spill the Tea: EP 7

Welcome back to the Morning Show Goldenhawks! Halloween has passed marking the start of a new month, and you know what that means. Cuffing season! (More on that later) It’s definitely starting to get colder, so be sure to bundle up and bring out that winter jacket because this winter looks like its going to be a cold one.


The Red Dress Gala

Today on the morning show we had the pleasure of meeting with Victoria, who is in charge of planning and managing Alpha Phi’s annual Red Dress Gala, an event which includes a three-course dinner, 50/50 raffle, silent auction, wine pull, and guest speakers, just to name a few. Proceeds from the Gala go towards the Alpha Phi Foundation, which works to increase women’s heart health as well as women’s leadership initiatives. The event will take place Saturday November 4th.

For more information, visit the Red Dress Gala’s event page.

Feeling lonely? You’re not alone! 

It’s November, and you know what means… Cuffing season! In case you aren’t aware, cuffing season is the phenomenon that occurs during the colder months of the year (November to March, specifically), where people decide to enter into relationships in order to stop feeling lonely when it gets cold and dark outside. Whether or not these relationships last past March is hard to say, but cuffing season definitely seems to have the potential to leave many people feeling hurt. Stay (emotionally) safe out there Golden Hawks!


My smartphone is getting a little too smart


A new feature in iOS 11 is leaving many users a little bit creeped out by what their phones can do. Type in ‘brassiere’ or ‘bra’ in the search bar of your photos app will bring up photos where your chest or your bra is visible. Your phone has been categorizing all your photos, although strangely enough searching ‘boxers’ won’t bring up anything. Strange.

How much is too much? As our phones continue to learn more and more about our daily lives, where are people going to draw the line?


How was your Halloween?



DJ TANG and DJ SMALLZ definitely had a great halloweekend, with DJ TANG finding himself lying down face down on the grass, and DJ SMALLZ finally getting to spend her halloween inside bars and clubs.

Let us know how your weekend went in the comments below!



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