The Morning Show Spill The Tea : Ep 4

The Morning Show Spill The Tea : Ep 4

So far, all you Thursday morning listeners have heard DJ SMALLZ for the past 3 episodes. We would love to welcome our newest member to the team DJ Tang. DJ TANG is a first year BBA student from Toronto. He is super into EDM and rap music and loves going to concerts. DJ SMALLZ can defiantly relate to the music taste because she practically listens to every genre (except heavy metal because it’s actually just yelling!). DJ SMALLZ is in communications with a business minor so she can relate to the business courses that DJ TANG will start this year. We’re so excited to have 2 different opinions and personalities now on the Morning Show!

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Maple Leaf or Cannabis Leaf?


Oh Canada.

Get your head out of that dorito bag because you heard us right, July 2018 Canada will legalize recreational uses of weed (and you thought the immigration site was crazy went Trump went into office).

Marijuana will be legalized across the country as early as Canada day, but what does this mean for us? How is legalization going to effect weed-smokers in Canada?

This news raises a variety of questions as to how exactly the legalization will happen. Would marijuana be distributed in LCBOs? There are already stores across Canada, but would selling bottles of vodka right next to joints be a good idea? Doing so may encourage the mixing of the two substances, something the government definitely does not want to encourage.

A lack of legislation and information on the topic definitely has many wondering what exactly is going to happen.

Lisa Campbell, a spokesperson for the Cannabis Friendly Business Association puts it nicely, “We’re counting down the days for the next 16 months…There is still a lot of clarification needed from the government as for how legalization will roll out.”

18 Holes (or More) in the Presidency?


Donald Trump is at it again. The polarizing president of the United States has recently dedicated a golf trophy to hurricane victims in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. While doing so, he even defended the government’s response to these disasters.

In case you weren’t aware, Hurricane Maria has recently hit Puerto Rico, leaving many citizens without to electricity or even clean drinking water. Medical officials in Puerto Rico have said that the island’s health system is “on life support”.

The United States Government has been criticized for their response to the crisis, with many saying that the government is simply not doing enough to help. Some officials in Puerto Rico are saying that the situation is quickly deteriorating into a humanitarian disaster.


Guess who didn’t pull a Frank Ocean


DJ SMALLZ is going overboard (literally) over the new singles from Alina Baraz. “Lavender and Velvet” as well as “Buzzin;” was dropped last Friday. DJ SMALLZ is also a Frank Ocean fan so she is still a little scared from when Frank decided to “rick-roll” the entire world (literally) when releasing his album “Blonde“.

Keeping the consistency, Alina has another 2 singles that are obviously on repeat. What I love about Alina, is that she has this consistent vibe but always changes it up so you are always expecting something different. We wish Alina the best on the rest of her tour with Coldplay and hopefully an album or at least an EP. Give both songs a listen and you have my word these songs are amazing!


I Got Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes, Lamb Rams Pork Maw, and of course a survival guide of midterm season

With reading week so close and midterm season just beginning, we all just wish the Laurier plague would take us. But not before Thanksgiving because it’s the only holiday which it’s not frowned upon to almost pass out at the table because you almost put yourself in a food coma.

If you’re anything like DJ SMALLZ, you would rather listen to your dad talk about how he should have invested in bitcoin  than study for midterms. #ISurvivedBU111

Here are some tips for surviving midterms:

1)Plan It Out. Yea like 6 midterms, 2 major essays and a presentation isn’t enough!

2)Break it down into small, manageable chunks. It’ll get done, just make a timeline of events.

3)Break and Reward systems are A1 tools of motivation

4)Review your notes and test yourself. Note the parts your unsure or take longer answering.

5) Don’t panic. If you did steps 1-4 you should have nothing to worry about.



Track List

  • All I See – Bondax (Darius Remis)
  • Vibin’ With (((O))) – FKJ
  • Buzzin- Alina Baraz
  • Lavander and Velvet – Alina Baraz
  • Wonder- Adventure Club
  • Pretty Thoughts by Alina Baraz – FKJ remix
  • Best Part- Daniel Cesar ft HER
  • Pink + White- Frank Ocean
  • Thinkin’ Bout You – Frank Ocean
  • Provider- Frank Ocean
  • Paris- The Chainsmokers
  • It Aint ME- The Chainsmokers ft Selena Gomez
  • Firestone – Kygo
  • Location – Khalid

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