Williams & Williams in the Morning - November 25

Williams & Williams in the Morning - November 25

Guess who's back and bringing sexy with them?
Guess who’s back and bringing sexy with them?

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We are. After a week off, we came back hot with a show to do with everything back-related. The part of your body, the door, the room, whatever. Usually we count down our Friday’s Five at the end of the show, but we put our brainstorming skills to the test and came up with a Friday’s Twenty-Five back-related things instead. For the sake of having too much time on our hands, we broke them up into categories:

Top 5: Entertainment – 5) Backgammon 4) Back to the Future 3) Backstreet Boys 2) Back to Back – Drake 1) Laying on your back counting stars

Top 5: Places – 5) Backs against the wall 4) Back alley 3) Back to School 2) Walmart Rollback 1) Back stage

Top 5: Movement – 5) Looking back 4) Fighting back 3) Back flips 2) Backbone Slide 1) Piggy back rides

Top 5: Body/Fashion – 5) Backhand (always wash it) 4) Back breaking work 3) Business in the front, party in the back 2) Backless dresses 1) Backwards hats

Top 5: Things We LoveĀ – 5) Backpacks 4) Fall back plans 3) Back bacon 2) Baby back ribs 1) Back massages

We learned a lot this week, like not to drink coffee hungover, not to run up or down escalators, and that our predictions are always right, no questions asked. Thanks for tuning in again, and if you missed it you can click the link below for the audio:

You can also find the audio for all of our past shows here.

Song List:

Hello Friday – Flo Rida

Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy

Back in Black – AC/DC

24K Magic – Bruno Mars

Everybody – Backstreet Boys

Snapback – Old Dominion

Back to December – Taylor Swift

Without Me – Eminem

Cheers – Rihanna

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