The Morning After: Essays and 'Merica!

The Morning After: Essays and 'Merica!

Without it being too obvious, this weeks morning after class was all about ‘Merica!

This week DJ O$AP and Goldilocks had a mature discussion about their views of the long and dreadful election. To a lot of surprise, the Donald and his gorgeous head of hair, are moving into the White House and he’s not getting paid! You’ve either gotta keep hating the guy or learn to love him because the deed is done now. With not so similar views on who should have been elected, this morning after session was a DJ mind-opener, as O$AP and Goldilocks threw some knowledge towards each other.

Can’t figure out how to write your essays and prepare for assignments? Maybe not your best scholarly source for academic advice, however, O$AP and Goldilocks wanted to share their opinions on how to study best and prepare for your tests and essays (hopefully you do better though). Try picking topics you don’t agree with or know about, learn a new perspective and see what you think!

As always, have an outstanding week, and we’ll be back to share more on monday!


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