Week 08: November 7, 2016

Week 08: November 7, 2016

DJ Deej, DJ Winks, and DJ Nix were in the studio for some pre-Election Day partying. Although the impending U.S. election dominated the discussion, the trio addressed a lot of grievances that they have with other things going on in society.

  1. Mariah Carey performed at the opening of a Hudson’s Bay store in Toronto. She sang two Christmas songs to the monetary tune of $1 million. PARDON? The trio agreed that there are a great deal of social issues that need to be addressed and that money should be better allocated. Safe drug use spaces and childrens’ charities are noteworthy, especially at this time of year.
  2.  Christmas is just around the corner (well, kind of). The decorations are up already less than a week after Halloween. What about Remembrance Day? What about other holidays? We discussed that retail spaces should be left alone during Remembrance Day as a sign of respect for those who gave their lives, and who continue to do so.
  3. Post Malone is rumoured to be dropping a mixtape very soon… featuring no new material. DJ Winks is stoked for the release of the compilation, but Nix and Deej are wanting new tracks. A review is pending.
  4. Justin Bieber was spotted in the Kitchener-Waterloo area as recently as last week. There is video footage that Nix’s friend posted, and we saw the pop singer being able to walk freely without being mobbed by fans. Here in Canada, we seem to have more respect for those who have made their claim to fame. Unlike in America…
  5. …where the Federal election of either Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is looming. The vibe in the studio was unanimous; we are on Team Hillary. Sure, both candidates have been associated with immorality in several contexts, but Hillary is surely the more fitting and experienced candidate.

This week’s track list is as follows:

  1. Donald Trump – Mac Miller
  2. MOSH – Eminem
  3. Monica Lewinsky – G-Eazy ft. Skizzy Mars & KYLE
  4. American Idiot – Green Day
  5. Congratulations – Post Malone
  6. Lost in the World – Kanye West ft. Bon Inver
  7. Terrorist Threats – Ab-Soul ft. Danny Brown and Jhene Aiko
  8. F**k Donald Trump Pt. 2 – YG ft. G-Eazy and Macklemore
  9. What’s Going On? – Marvin Gaye
  10. State Run Radio – Lupe Fiasco ft. Matt Mahaffey

Mondays from 10-11 p.m. Tune in, and turn up.

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