Williams and Williams in the morning

Hey Bauds, Williams and Williams did some back flips on radio today. It was fun. you missed it and you blew it come on!. Its real stuff just made up unrelated and totally relatable.

Fridays Five- Top Five People Born on October 21

5.Lee Chong Wei – celebrating his 34 th birthday today; the greatest thing to come

out of Malaysia since chilli sauce; pro badminton player and Olympic champion.

HBD Lee Chong.

4. Isabella Lowengrip – celebrating her 26 th birthday today; she’s a Swedish

entrepreneur who invented the pizza cutter; her last name is not a sexual joke.

HBD Miss Lowengrip

3. Kane Brown – American country singer who looks nothing like his voice;

celebrating his 23 rd birthday today which means he’s around our age and way

more massively successful than us already. HBD Kane Brown

2. Matt Dallas – celebrating his 34 th birthday today; most famous for role in ABC’s

series “Kyle XY”…yikes never heard of it; our beloved bar Dallas actually named

after this guy. HBD Matt Dallas1

1. Amber Rose – celebrating her 33 rd birthday and already bald, sad stuff; American

model who used to date Kanye, tough one; now on dancing with the stars and

regrets it, shocker; HBD Amber Rose you’re #1

Thanks for listening and party without the smoke.

The audio got deleted for this weeks so our bad kidds .

Have a good weekend see you next friday, we have a jam packed show!


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