News Unplugged - Wednesday, March 2, 2016

News Unplugged - Wednesday, March 2, 2016

European Refugee Crises Worsens at Greece-Macedonia Border

As of yesterday, an estimated 10,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees were left stranded at the Greece-Macedonia border while it was shut down.

The border was officially closed for a 24 hour period after migrant protests led to clashes with the police. This backlog of migrants has left some families stranded for over a week in harsh conditions, caused by food, water, and sanitation shortages.

The UN has since declared Europe as being “on the cusp of a largely self-induced humanitarian crisis.”


Osama bin Laden’s Will Revealed

On Tuesday, former jihadist, Osama bin Laden’s will, along with over 100 letters and documents were released to the American media.

In his will, bin Laden claims to have $29 million saved in Sudan that he intends to be spent on “jihad for the sake of Allah”. Among the letters, he expresses paranoid concerns that himself and his family were being tracked by various spy organizations. It is currently unknown where or who this money is with.

Since his assassination in 2011, the former second-in-command member, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has led al-Qaeda.


Alleged Murderer, Marissa Shephard Arrested in Moncton

The RCMP have announced that 20 year old Canadian woman, Marissa Shephard was arrested in her hometown, Moncton, New Brunswick yesterday.

Shephard, along with 3 other suspects are believed to have murdered 18 year old, Baylee Wylie, whose body was found in a house-fire this past December.

She is scheduled to appear in court this morning.

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