News Unplugged - Mon. January 11

News Unplugged - Mon. January 11


Early Monday morning, iconic British musician, actor, and pop culture figure, David Bowie passed away at the age of 69. After a courageous 18-month battle with cancer, Bowie was said to have died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by family.

For the last four decades, Bowie has forever changed the music scene, with songs such as Space Oddity, Heroes, and Life on Mars. Bowie has also been known to experiment with androgyny, with the creation of his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust.

Since his death, celebrities have taken to twitter and instagram to express their grief. Actor Simon Pegg wrote on Instagram: “If you’re sad today, just remember the world is over 4 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.”



On New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany, it is reported that approximately 1000 primarily male attackers took to robbing and sexually assaulting women at the central train station.

Germany’s chief justice minister has since come out to state that there are suspicions that such a grotesquely large attack could be planned. As of right now, German police have narrowed their focus to mainly North African suspects, increasing the pressure for a reformed immigration policy in the country.

Cologne police have received 516 criminal complaints in connection to the attacks, and the incident remains under heavy investigation.



Mexican drug lord, Joaquin Guzman, better known as El Chapo, has had quite an eventful week.

On Saturday, Rolling Stone magazine published an article written by Hollywood actor, Sean Penn about his interview with Guzman. In the interview El Chapo shares details about his largely successful drug empire, as well as his intricate escape from Mexican prison. Just a day before the interview was released, Mexican marines captured Guzman in Los Mochis near the Gulf of California.

Mexican officials have stated that Sean Penn’s meetings with Guzman aided them in tracking down his location. People have since come out to criticize Rolling Stone for hiring someone who is not a professional journalist to conduct such a high profile interview.



Kim Jong Un has released a propaganda video in which he claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb.

US and UN officials fear that North Korea is planning to expand their nuclear weapons program, posing a potential threat to South Korea.

The American military has since responded by flying a B-52 bomber jet surrounded by South Korean jets over South Korea, as a display of solidarity with their ally.



Last night was the 73rd annual golden globes, hosted for the fourth time by comedian, Ricky Gervais.

The night’s biggest winner, The Revenant took home 3 awards for Best picture in a drama, best actor in a drama for Leo Dicaprio, and best director.

Among other popular winners was Jennifer Lawrence for best comedy movie actress in the film, Joy, Taraji P. Henson for best actress in a drama for her character in Empire, and Jon Hamm for best actor in a drama for his role in tv show, Mad Men.

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