Noise Pollution is Back

Noise Pollution is Back

Its Fall and that means that Noise Pollution is back. Yesterday we had our first show of the semester at our new time (Tuesdays at 4). We talked about Sea Otter awareness week, the new Community Access Bikeshare station on campus (which you can still sign up for here) some Laurier Sustainability Resources (check out the Laurier Sustainability Office or the EcoHawks) and the Globe debate.

For shows in the future we hope to follow the federal election and break down what the candidates are saying in terms of all things sustainability related. We will be doing ongoing coverage of what the candidates are saying and closer to the election we will be taking an in-depth look at their platforms in terms of environmental issues.

What else can you expect from Noise Pollution this year? Lots of EcoNews and info on themes of the week, along with some facts and tips.

Check us out at our new time Tuesdays at 4 for some info and entertainment.

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