Noise Pollution - End of Semester

Noise Pollution - End of Semester

Hello listeners! I am sad to say that this is our last show for the semester and while we hope to return next year and maybe even do some podcasts over the summer, nothing is set yet so stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for more info as we figure it out. If the show continues next year (and we hope it does) we are looking for another person to join us on the show. Mallaika will be graduating so we are looking for a new host! If you are interested, or know someone who might be then contact us on our Facebook page or send us a private message on Twitter @Npollution

This week we talked about the top 10 climate issues facing our planet, many of which we had touched on in previous shows. In the news there are new recyclable K-cups for Keurig coffee machines, and while these single serve coffee machines are incredibly wasteful its a step in the right direction.

For international news the US just submitted its proposal for cutting carbon emissions. These proposals being submitted by countries all over the world will be part of the negotiations happening at the UN climate summit in Paris taking place in November. So the activities leading up to the summit will be something to watch for in the news as the summit will hope to achieve legally binding universal agreement on climate from the participating counties.

Antarctica hit a record high of 17.5 Celsius on March 24 which is bad news for the polar bears who probably cannot adapt to a land based diet as the ice melts. In other news it was revealed that Indonesia and Brazil spend over 100 times subsidizing deforestation than the amount that goes towards aid.

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