News Unplugged Friday, March. 27th, 2015


University of Toronto Strike Over 

Teaching Assistants at The University of Toronto have voted to enter arbitration yesterday, with just five days remaining in the academic year. Union Members voted 942 to 318 in favour of binding arbitration. University President Meric Gertler thanked students for their patience in enduring “uncertainty and anxiety at a crucial time in the year- especially those in the final year of their programs.

Downtown Abbey Cancelled

Downtown Abbey will end after it`s sixth season. Rumours surrounding the future of the show began a couple of months ago, ITV confirmed the news yesterday morning. The series is credited with having reignited American fascination with British Culture.

US Government Considering Nuclear Trade Off 

The United States is considering a nuclear trade off with Iran. The Government is considering allowing Iran run several hundred centrifuges at Fordo Facility in exchange for restrictions at other plants. In return, Iran would be required to scale back the number of centrifuges it runs at it`s Natanz Facility and accept other restrictions on nuclear related work.

Cataracts Considered Inevitable 

A recent study says Cataracts are inevitable, but fixable. In the past, someone`s cataracts had to be pretty bad before surgery was worth undertaking. Though Cataracts are a reality of aging, there are a few things we can do to protect our eyes says Toronto Opthalmologist John Lloyd.


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