Overpopulation Part 2 - Stop having children

Overpopulation Part 2 - Stop having children

This week was part 2 of overpopulation, we discussed some articles and predictions for our earths capacity to sustain our population and what the population will look like the next 100 years.

Here are the links to some of the articles we discussed:




Bonus book – its a bit of a heavier read but really interesting. 20 issues that are truly global and need to be solved in 20 years. Many of the issues are environmental

High Noon by Jean-Francois Rischard

Our conclusions? There was a lot of debate but in the end people need to have less children and we need to make our carbon footprints smaller and this all needs to happen really soon! Do your part and stay green! We’ll be back next week with more Noise Pollution.

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