Tangents, Tessellate, Tangerine

Flaming Lips new album

Hey guys thanks for tuning in on our show this morning!

Todays talk was a lot of tangents, some Alt-j “Tessellate” and we just wanted to throw in Tangerine for a third “T” in our title. We started off discussing our weekend. I (Kaitlyn) knitted a scarf while watchign a lot of “Freaks and Geeks”, Dan unfortunately realized that he will never get anywhere in life without his OneCard and had to spend that $22 dollars. “It was actually rediculous” Dan just quoted.

Do you have any problems with your roomates? What ticks you off? For me, it’s my awkward roomate and his “way too happy” girlfriend. How do you cope with it? Dan and I were discussing deciding to live in apartment style or have a house? We concluded that people are crazy to not want to live in a house where you can have the full on University experience! Have you not seen Animal House, Old School or American Pie? Plus rent is cheaper.

After we discussed a couple of tracks and artists to check out if you haven’t already heard of them:

  • Spooky Black – “Without U”
  • Flaming Lips – With a Little Help From My Fwends (album)
  • Glass Animals – Gooey – Gilligan Moss Remix

After psyching you out  with these new album and tracks, we finished the show with a little food for thought; couple who look like eachother and date, last a long time together! We all know it’s true, look to your significant other and think about it….really think about it.


Alright, till next time,

Dan and Kaitlyn

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