Lions Mammoths and Rhinos, Oh My!

Lions Mammoths and Rhinos, Oh My!

Hey everyone, this week on Noise Polluton we discussed the topic of conservation and why it is important. Conservation is the act of preserving, guarding or protecting. And in regards to the environment this involves protecting animals, fungi, plants and their habitats as well as preserving natural renewable and non renewable resources. Conservation status tells us about the standing of a species, on a scale from extant to extinct and how their future status looks.

Protecting the environment should be a top priority. Everything is connected and our irresponsibility has caused much damage. But its not too late to help! There are organizations all around the world that are dedicated to preservation and conservation. Their goal is to promote awareness and educate individuals about the ways they can help. Here’s a list of a few simple ways to get involved:

  • Adopt a wild animal via a wildlife preservation organization
  • Donate to wildlife and habitat conservation organizations
  • Become a member of a wildlife organization
  • Hold your own awareness events to raise money
  • Encourage businesses to recycle and use recyclable products
  • Take part in local and national campaigns
  • Take part in habitat restoration projects

Spread the word and help get others informed and connected. Do something to change the world! Even the smallest steps help more than nothing at all.

Check out this website for some great places to visit:

Did You Know: Explorers out of Russia are trekking up to the northern regions of Siberia to hunt for mammoth tusks! These difficult expeditions are possible because of global warming. The permafrost is receding and this allows people to be able to dig out these huge 13ft long ancient tusks.

Interesting Article Related to the Mammoths:

Green Day was our spotlight artist this week. They have always been vocal and proactive environmentalists. They have teamed up with the National Resource Defense Council to take action on many big environmental issues that the US is facing. They have many videos on Youtube advocating various issues and they see products whose proceeds go to support the environmental concerns they support.

Read about the whale story we mentioned:

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