Happy Halloween
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Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween! I hope you guys have a safe and raucous weekend and a great Monday. We might even see some costumes in class next week.
On the show I read a couple short scary stories from the reddit page r/shortscarystories. In movies there are a couple fun Halloween events happening around town including the Princess playing Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Apollo having quite a few viewings of different Halloween classics. There are also several club events going on in uptown, most having costume competitions.
In the news, there have been several discoveries in prosthetic limb technology that are awesome. There were some sci-fi-esque developments in a battery based on he human intestine and a diamond being used as an advance storage device.
Lastly, in old news, an escapologist was going to get out of a straight jacket while hanging upside down in the middle of a street on July 7th 1928. It’s interesting that the field of escapology has not changed much in 88 years.
If you guys would like to contact me tweet me @NextWeekNow, and I’ll talk to you Next Week Now.

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Hi folks,

Radio Laurier has been working to fix some technical issues in regards to the station’s streaming capabilities. As a result, we were not able to go forward with the show this morning!  But don’t you worry, we’ll be back tomorrow morning at the same time!

Make sure to tune into the Morning Show from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM all week, every week! Tomorrow Lunkis, Scotty G, and CP, will be doing their very best to cheer up your morning! We’ll be having the first of 4 interviews this week with members of the 5 Days for the Homeless campaign! Tune in!


Fashion ‘n’ Motion!
Shows/The Morning Show
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Fashion ‘n’ Motion!

Hey folks,

A little bit of a late blog post for today’s show, so my apologies! Today was a pretty packed day for us as we had ‘The Show’, a team from Laurier competing in the Nestea ‘The Recruit’ competition on the show. Cheyanne, Madison, and our very own DJ CP, spoke to us a little about how the competition has shaped up thus far and what we can expect from the trio as the week moves forward. Look out for ‘The Show’ on campus this week as they’ll be giving away free Nestea! As they reminded listeners, if you’d like to show your support, hash-tag #SOSDWLU240 in your posts to Instagram!

In addition to ‘The Show’, we were joined by Fashion ‘n’ Motion president, Noelle Antkowiak! It’s a big year for FnM as they celebrate their 20th anniversary with a fantastic new show called ‘Ignite’. Filling us in on what we can expect from the show and how she is keeping busy until opening night, Noelle reminded listeners that all proceeds are going to the SickKids Foundation. Make sure to join Noelle and the rest of the hardworking volunteers at FnM on opening night on March 15th at 7:00 PM (6:30 doors). If you can’t make this date, do not fret! ‘Ignite’ will be performed the very next day during a matinee show starting at 1:00 PM (12:30 doors).

Make sure to tune into the Morning Show from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM all week, every week! Tomorrow Smiley, TBA, and myself, will be doing our very best to cheer up your morning! Tune in!


Hello 2013, Coachella Music Festival, and more.
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Hello 2013, Coachella Music Festival, and more.

Hey Hey Hey,


This week’s show was a lot of fun with 30 extra minutes of time! Honestly, I am thinking of maybe keeping it that way? Who knows. Anyways, the artist of the day was Mazzy Star who after a 17 year break between albums is coming out with a new one this year (hopefully! …it was supposed to come out in 2012). But we might have another Dr. Dre situation on our hands and I’m just tired of hearing stuff about that now, you silly perfectionist Doctor, so we’ll see.


I also talked about what I thought makes a good festival (note my limited experience – BUT THAT’S GOING TO CHANGE …bought Coachella tickets and I AM STOKED). I said that the lineup, location, atmosphere, people, genre of music, and many other things can change the way a festival turns out. On the AIRWAVE CINEMA I featured remixes of songs from Grey’s Anatomy and Entourage (Gold + Something About Us).


Notable show dates coming up:
Passion Pit + Matt & Kim – February 16
Alt J – March 27
Local Natives – March 28


I also discussed where I get a lot of my music. Although not a huge enthusiast of Pitchfork.com I have picked up some real nice tracks off it, not to mention 8tracks.com where I find the majority of my tunes and Mr.SuicideSheep + SuicideSheep, the youtube user for all my electronic needs.


Track list:


Common Burn by Mazzy Star
Montana by Youth Lagoon
Into Dust by Mazzy Star
Avenue by Agnes Obel
When I Dream by Ra Ra Riot
The Look by Metronomy
Gold (Noah Hyde’s Magic Sword Remix) by Wake Owl
Something About Us (Cherokee Remix) by Daft Punk
Calgary (Azedia Remix) by Bon Iver
Obedear (Noah Hyde’s Magic Sword Remix) by Purity Ring
Love U More (RAC Remix) by Sunday Girl
Can’t Get Better Than This (Original Remix) by Parachute Youth
Little Bit (AutoErotique Remix) by Lykke Li
Love Letters (Mitis Chilled Overnight Remix) by Clinton Van Sciver & Swedish Egil


Here are those videos I mentioned to checkout!




That’s all folks!

Cheers and thanks for listening.


– DJ Airplane


Oh, and I forgot to mention how good the UnderOath farewell show was. AMAZING.

RIP Alexisonfire + 2012

RIP Alexisonfire + 2012

Greetings and happy new year from AIRWAVES!


2012 held many highlights and holds many memories. One of the biggest was the Alexisonfire farewell tour show I went to. It was an experience that cannot be merely defined by words and a night I will always remember. For that reason they were chosen as the featured artist this week.


I also talked about how a band becomes legendary (and it is my opinion that Alexisonfire earned that status). They wrote breakthrough music for years, were good to their fans, put on epic shows and always played music they loved.


Rest in peace AoF and the music of George, Wade, Dallas, Steele, Jordan, and Jesse.


The remaining minutes of the show consisted of indie tunes and some remixes, featuring 2 songs from TV on the Airwave Cinema – Skins and Gossip Girl. Show news was also covered with lots of concerts filling up the first few months of 2013.


Notable dates:


Jan 18 – UnderOath farewell show
Feb 16 – Passion Pit + Matt & Kim
Mar 27 – Alt J
Mar 28 – Local Natives


Here’s a link to the final works of Alexisonfire, the Death Letter EP.



Track list:
Born and Raised (acousitc) by Alexisonfire
Tesselate by Alt J
On an On by Ghosts
Back from the Grave by Chromatics
Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub) by Bon Iver
Near Town by Amazing Broken Man
Zebra by Beach House
Love (Synkro Remix) by Daughter
Lies (Zeds Dead Remix) by Marina and the Diamonds
To A Friend (Adventure Club Remix) by Alexisonfire


Thanks for tuning in and much love,


DJ Airplane

Twitter Me Boats!
The Morning Show/The Morning Show

Twitter Me Boats!

Hello folks!

This morning Oracle, TBA, and I enjoyed another lovely installment of the Morning Show! Talking entertainment news, new years resolutions, and TBA’s boating preferences amongst other things, the three of us started the morning off right!

Tune in tomorrow morning for another edition of the Morning Show with Scotty G., Lunkis, and Skandy, including an interview with a representative from ‘Canada’s Next Top Ad Executive’ at 10:00 AM.

Hope everyone is enjoying their first week back!

With love,