Summer Summary!
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Summer Summary!

We’re baaaaacckkkkk! I hope yall missed us a little while we were gone. Not only am I back in the building but we also got the skinny big homie Kamo back as well. As I am sure yall know, we had a major summer for hip-hop and even though I was rocking with yall the entire time it’s time we summarize the summer and keep things moving.

We kicked things off with all the big summer albums. Annnnnnd man were there a lot. Everyone from Juicy J to J Cole dropped a project this summer and made a mark on the 2013 catalog. Sooo, it is only right that we summed up every album that dropped and played a lil’ something off it just in case you were under a rock for four months.

May 21st: French Montana – Excuse My French 

June 18th: J Cole – Born Sinner

June 18th: Kanye West – Yeezus

June 18th: Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off

June 25th: Wale – The Gifted

July 4th: Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail

August 20th: A$AP Ferg – Trap Lord

August 20th: Earl Sweatshirt – Doris

August 27th: Big Sean – Hall Of Fame

August 27th: Juicy J – Stay Trippy

Don’t want to sift thru all of these records? Fair enough. Our top 5 include Big Sean, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Mac Miller and J Cole.

Don’t want to listen to a full album? Check out our certified 2013 songs of summer. Ready? Here it goes:

Versace Remix – Drake & Migos

95 Til Infinity – Joey Bada$$

I’m In It – Kanye West

Forbidden Fruit – J Cole & Kendrick Lamar

Control – Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica


Okay, now back to our regular scheduled programming. Glaysh’s Guilty Pleasure is still in full effect. That being said, things are getting guiltier this year. But I’m sure yall are wondering how that is physically possible… well it is. We took it to the streets of Harlem for the g-mix of A$AP Ferg’s anthem ‘Work’. The track on its own is tuuurn up enough but the remix is next level. It features French Montana, Trinidad James, ScHoolBoy Q and A$AP Rocky. Talk about trill. Check the video here and remember to put in work.

Verse of the Week was simple. What was the verse of the summer? There are two obvious ones. Can’t guess? Versaceversaceversaceversaceversaceversace. Still nothing? Okay well, Drizzy killed Migos’ track essentially making it his own. This was naturally my pick. Kamo came with K Dot’s verse on Control which shook up the hip-hop world and also clogged my Twitter timeline for days. How would we decide a winner with only two DJs? YOU! We took to Twitter to find our winner and by popular demand, Kamo/Kendrick took the win. That will all change next though, I’ve got bars.

Feel some type of way about any lists we made? Get at us on Twitter @RLRapUp and let us know what you think about the whole summer. We always have our ears to the streets tweets.







Peace, Love & Kendrick Responses


What A Week!
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What A Week!

Wuddduupp yall?! Sooo this was the week of all weeks in hip-hop. Apart from Kim’s pregnancy + baby naming (SMH), a few albums dropped that you might want to know about.

Let’s start with the two heavyweights. Kanye and J. Cole went head to head this past Tuesday with the release of Born Sinner and Yeezus. The two albums both brought in some serious numbers sales wise, but which one was the better album quality wise? Imma give yall a little early Realness and say that J. Cole had the better album. Why? It sounds way more cohesive and the beats+bars flow much better. Sorry Ye.

We also played some Mac Miller (he also dropped an album on Tuesday) sooo be sure to check out his album as well. Here are a few of my fave tracks off his album here and here. Most dope!

GGP this week was a new track from Drizzy  Drake. He dropped 4 new songs along with the release date for his new album, Nothing Was The Same. Look for it in stores September 17th. The new GGP track can be heard here. I guess that’s just the motion…

Well, that’s it from me. Check us out in two weeks for more hip-hop goodness.








Peace, Love & North West’s Nicknames

The Opposite Of A Winner…
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The Opposite Of A Winner…

Wuddduuupp friends?

I know this is coming hella late butttt better late than never (never late is better).

We kicked things off with some new music from Mac Miller. His album ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’ is coming real soon and a little leak came thru the web called ‘Suplexes Inside of Complexes of Duplexes’. It features the long lost Jay Electronica. Check it out right here. Most dope.

We also gave yall some of that new J Cole. A little leak off his upcoming June 18th album, ‘Born Sinner’. The track is called ‘N****s Know’. Check it out here. No blanket…

GGP this week came in form TygaTyga and Chris Breeezy. The song is called ‘G Shit’. It is literally the perfect summer song and the video makes me wanna move to the Hollywood and call heaux over. Until we get there, check out the song in the meantime. Auuggghhhhhh

The Realness this week was a new look for us. We did a little “Who Did It Better”. We pitted two label mates between eachother. Kan vs. Com. Chi vs. Chi. Good vs. Good. That’s right… we asked who pulled of a hip-hop personification better? Not sure what personification is? Well let us put you on that English minor tip. PERSONIFICATION:  A figure of speech in which inanimate objects or abstractions are endowed with human qualities or are represented as possessing human form. Get it? Good. So who did it better? Kanye’s ‘Homecoming’ or Common’s ‘I Used To Love HER’? Our verdict………. Yeezus Yeezy.

That’s it from us this week yall. Catch us next week at the same time and place. TUNE IN & TURN UP!









Peace, Love & whatever is in Mac Miller’s cup.

Back In This Thaaaaang!
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Back In This Thaaaaang!

Wuddduuupp summer swaggers?! (is that a real word?) Thank yall sooo much for your patience buuuttt after exams/work/goodbyes we are back on our blog ishh. We came to you live last Sunday with the TNC Takeover buttt I was back at it this week with some of that classic RapUp programming. Thank you thank you thank you, you are far too kind…

We kicked things off with a some of that new Larry Fisherman Larry Lovestein Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt. These dudes dropped a track off Earl’s upcoming album entitled Doris and maaaan is it dope. Yall can check out the laidback track here. We also let yall get a little taste of that Black Hippy crew. They remixed the controversial Rocko/Rick Ross assisted song UNENO. Each and every member really goes in and proves why they are the hottest crew in the game right now. Check it out right here. THere tHey go…

We moved onto a little guilty pleasure. GGP this week took a strangely soft turn though… Instead of the classic banger, I let your ears experience some of that new Weeknd. Even after his breakup with Drake, he still delivers some of that quality R&B music. The track is called Kiss Land/John Carpenter and yall can check it out right here. XO til we overdose…

What do you get when you mix a lot of ad libs with a lot of features? Can’t guess? Well in this case, it’s a French Montana album. Mr. haaaaaaaan himself dropped his first full length studio album. As yall can probably guess, it had a lot of features. It was decently well put together but the best songs had the usual suspects on it. (Rick Ross, Diddy, Weezy, Drake, Ace Hood etc.) The LP had a total of 18 songs and on 3 were only French. I gave it a mediocre 7/10 due to the lack of substance but the excess of bangers. #GuiltyAsCharged

The Realness this week was about style and hip-hop. Rappers these days are really showing an interest in aute cultuuure and high fashion. From Yeezy’s skirt to ASAP’s dress-leggings combo, rappers have been stepping their clothes game up. AND THATS OKAY! As hip-hop heads we gotta realize that the rap game is always changing and going thru different cycles. I can remember a time when snapbacks and bucket hats were a big no-no and now look at what all your favorite rappers are wearing. Sooo when these MCs are repping leather and cheetah print pants, don’t hate… appreciate. The morale of the story is that hip-hop culture is always changing and we gotta adapt with the times. Respect my mind or…

We finished things off with some local KW hip-hop. WE the big homie Ramsay Almighty dropped a new track and video this past week and maaaan is it tight. The track is called ‘Vampire’ and it features the young KW rapper spitting about some of them summer love feelings. Check out the video here. We also jammed some new HonorsClass. This group is also outta they KW and have just dropped a few new records. Their sound is laidback and perfect for any backyard BBQ. Check out their soundcloud right here. #LocalHipHop

But that does it from us this week. Check us out next Sunday at 6pm. make sure to hit us on Twitter @RLRapUp for any requests, questions or comments. We got our ears to the streets…







Peace, Love & Miguel’s flying leg kick

Glaysh Is Gone, Partys On!
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Glaysh Is Gone, Partys On!

Wuddduppp guys?!

Sooo the week finally came when my stomach wouldn’t let me keep anything down, therefore the two young guns had to take the reigns. They did okay… I guess. They kicked things off with a little dose of Brooklyn’s finest new rhyme slinger, Joey Bada$$. He dropped a new track with hip-hop OG, DJ Premier. The track is called ‘Unorthodox’ and yall can check it out here.

The fellas moved on to a super controversial topic in hip-hop right now and that is ‘what is the most anticipated hip-hop album of 2013’. The list is filled with some up and comers and also had some  hip-hop vets. Kamo and Cutz were definitely up in arms with some members on the list but we hope to see most of these records drop in the year to come. Soo without further ado, here are the most anticipated albums of 2013: 10. Jay Electronica 9. J Cole 8. Pusha T 7. Rick Ross 6. Future 5. Big Sean 4. Eminem 3. Jay-Z 2. Kanye West 1. Drake. Let us know how yall feel about the list by getting at us on Twitter @RLRapUp.

Turning our ears to our own campus, Most Dope rapper Mac Miller came and performed at The Turrent this past Monday and according to the reviews, he tuuuurned up. A RapUp representative was at the show and said he ran thru the hits and even gave a the crowd a taste of his new stuff. Yall can check out a video of him performing here.

The Realness this week was kicked on the big bad question of why rap music is soo damn competitive. With all the recent beefs and battles in hip-hop lately, it is easy to see that rap music is the most competitive and pompous music genre. Have any of yall ever heard a country music beef or orchestra feud? I don’t think I can remember the last time there was a ego-driven beef between illScarlett and Fall Out Boy. Truuu?

Well, that’s all from us this week. Check us out every Thursday from 7pm-9pm and DO NOT forget to hit us on Twitter @RLRapUP and get your fave rap songs played and then TURRRNNED UP!


Peace, Love & Khaled’s bath water.

Havin’ A Time

Donnie and Brenda

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Havin’ A Time

Hey bys, if you haven’t heard already my new show time is Mondays from 9pm to 10pm, so now you can come by and get your weekly dose of hip hop at the start of the week and get you through the rest of the week. Last night we had a few technical difficulties where the music wouldn’t start for a while, so if you tuned in at 9 and thought I just fooled you into listening to nothing hopefully you will come back next week and everything will go smoother.

Now on to the music itself. I played some stuff from Mac Miller, who as many of you know is going to be at Laurier on Monday, January 14th (as I slap myself in the forehead for forgetting to buy my ticket again today). Tickets are sold at the U-Desk, not sure if they are sold out yet but check it out if you can (and save a ticket for me!). I also played a song by two of the guys who are opening up the night for Mac Miller, both Canadian guys by the names of SonReal and Rich Kidd. They have a lot of solid music out there are you won’t be disappointed if you show up early and catch them on the stage, so get there and support some good Canadian boys [read like Don Cherry]. 

The big part of last nights show was the introduction of what I am calling the “Joke Rap” segment of the show. Every week I’ll be playing a rap song that is meant to make you laugh. They might be real songs by artists you know, or they could be parodies found on the internet that made me laugh. Sometimes, like last night, you will get the rare treat to listen to Newfoundland’s finest rap artist, the artist known as Donnie Dumphy. This is a man who loves many things, including but not limited to: breakfast, wheelies, WWE, Jeff Beukeboom, and house arrest. Science has proven that if you listen to “Havin’ A Time” before having a few brews your night will be 1450% better than if you didn’t listen. You can’t doubt science. Check out the video here, and if you have any suggestions for future songs send them on to me because I’m always down for a good laugh and a few guffaws.

As always, you can find my full tracklist on my Facebook page, Verses From The Abstract, and you can reach me on twitter at my handle @t_rev91. Until next week, just keep havin’ a time.