Climate Change Week, News and More

Climate Change Week, News and More

This week Laurier ended up being very environmentally involved. The Enactus food waste awareness events, Laurier Environmental Week by the Ecological citizenship class and the Ecohawks Swap Sale all landed on the same week. They’ve all got event pages up on Facebook so if you didn’t already know about it all go to the concourse over the next few days and check it out.

We took a look at some health fads that have proven be harmful to the environment so next time you about to reach for your greek yogurt, avocado and almond snack before going to your hot yoga class because you are trying to bulk up you might want to reconsider.

In the news over the last few days Alberta announced its climate action plan, leading the way for the other provinces to set their goals. You can check out Macleans analysis of Alberta’s proposal¬†here.

Check out Laurier’s Climate Change Week here¬†
and maybe go to the climate march this Sunday.

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