Keeg 'n Roccs, Last With Dan

Keeg 'n Roccs, Last With Dan

Hey, all.

I’m getting some nostalgia here, only because I’ve done this before. This is Dan’s last show with Keeg ‘n Roccs.

Here’s the playlist.

Yes, though, Dan is departing. His fiery views, angry rants, and tireless frustration of his cohosts and listeners will be missed. He brought with him some hot takes and shook up our weekly playlists, generating some variety in the show. Indeed, the second semester of Keeg ‘n Roccs was a different beast entirely than the first, but an equally entertaining one at that. However, this may not be the last you’ve heard of our intrepid sh*t-disturber! Dan may join your two namesakes this summer, as we hope to continue the show- each of the hosts you’ve heard over the past eight months will be basking in the Summerloo sun in 2018. Look out (listen in?) for Dan to make guest appearances frequently on Keeg ‘n Roccs throughout the summer. Complementary personalities offering a refreshing twist, or complete devastation waiting to happen? We’ll find out.

This show was fun, though. Rocco had a message for his fans, which happened to be the first line of the first song we played (Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship). Dan and I talked about instant left-swipes on Tinder, which included an over-reliance on the TV show The Office in place of a genuine personality. Seriously, if your best pitch for yourself is relying on something someone else created, how great can you be? Dan even went off on including pictures of pets in your profile, like your dog- why am I looking at your dog on a “dating” app? Is the dog gonna be there? Come on the dates with us? Come on.

Dan also dove into a rant about the recent Facebook privacy scandal, reminding viewers that you shouldn’t stop being p*ssed off about businesses and/or governments collecting, using, and profiting off of your data (often without your knowledge) just because news of stuff like this happening is becoming more frequent. There’s a lot for us to be mad about in 2018, isn’t there? It’s getting hard to keep track of…

Look to hear some familiar voices again in about a month. We’ll be back, and we want you there with us.


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