Hello once again people! A very warm welcome to all of y’all Throwbackians! Weather: weather, weather, weather, what am I supposed to say? It went from Winter to peak Spring-like weather, then back to winter. The snow today was absolutely unbelievable! It had been extremely cold for basically the entire month of February then it ended really nice and now and the weather honestly can’t make its mind up. Ugh.

However, the music so fire it made up for all of it! From The Beatles to Hedley– I tried my best to have a great list of true throwbacks from all different eras, and make my way into current music.

After a Billboard Top 10 update, I continued the segment where I debunk some common myths- generally stuff most people believe. Here are the myths that were debunked this week:

  • Sugar causes diabetes: MYTH! While it does cause weight gain and may be harmful if not eaten sensibly, sugar doesn’t cause diabetes itself. WOW who knew? Now, while it is said by the American Diabetes Association that it’s best to avoid sugary pop drinks and sports drinks as much as possible, as long as you intake sugar in moderation you’ll be fine. Just don’t chug a whole kg of sugar every single day and you probably should be alright. Phew.


  • Sitting too close to the TV can harm your eyes: MYTH! While sitting too close to the TV may cause eye fatigue or even headaches but being too close to the TV alone wouldn’t cause any injury or harm to your eyes. This started back in the day when some TVs would produce X-Rays. Not anymore though, you’re good to binge that Netflix with your laptop or a TV right next to you!


  • Brown/White sugar are different and the former is healthier: MYTH! While brown sugar retains molasses- which is pretty nutritious in itself- if brown sugar were to be refined down further it would just become white sugar. And here we are thinking that it’s all by itself much more healthier for us. So although brown sugar retains a bit of that molasses, it’s not even close to being enough to be considered “healthier” than white; as far as our bodies are concerned the two are basically the same.

And that was it for today! Thank you all for tuning in- again, I’m so glad I brought back all the segments back; makes for a fun show and debunking myths have taught me so much- I learn something new  every single week. I’ll catch you guys all again next week! To all those having insane weeks, don’t you dare settle for an L! I hope today’s show helped maybe make that super snowy and dreadful walk to class, a little less crazy. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @RLMorningShow. Take care, stay classy, DJ Throwback Out.


Track Listing


  • I wanna hold your hand- The Beatles
  • Can’t Buy Me Love- The Beatles
  • Shiny Disco- Who Da Funk ft. Jessica Eve
  • Mambo No 5- Lou Bega
  • Hey Ya- OutKast
  • Informer- Snow
  • It’s Our Time Now- Plain White T’s
  • My heart will go on- Celine Dion
  • Somebody to Love- Justin Bieber


  • Beauty and a Beat- Justin Bieber ft. Niki Minaj
  • Sorry- Justin Bieber
  • Power- Kanye West
  • Last Friday Night- Katy Perry
  • Firework- Katy Perry
  • One more night- Maroon 5
  • Bang bang- Ariana Grande, Niki Minaj, Jessie J
  • Shake it off- Taylor Swift
  • Danza Kuduro- Don Omar ft. Lucenzo
  • Lose Control- Hedley
  • Closer- The Chainsmokers

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