Hellooooo again beautiful people! The snow has been hitting us so ridiculously hard that it makes me just really sad to look outside my apartment.  As I said last week, as the Laurier plague worsens, *in my try-hard detective voice* I wonder who its next victims will be? The weather has been so back and forth, it’s hard to blame the students for getting sick. From Michael Jackson, to Dua Lipa, and an awesome interview, the show just about made up for the terribly crappy weather outside.

We had the pleasure of having Aakshi Singh, the President of the Wilfrid Laurier University Vegan and Vegetarian Alliance with us, talking about the club, their mission, and some events they have. Here are some excerpts of our conversation.

  • So tell us a little bit about you, and about how the club came to be.
    “My name is Aakshi and i’m a third-year business student here at Laurier; as a person who always loved animals, I always wanted to see what I could do to work on the whole cruelty aspect. I was with the club in exec positions for 2 years and although the club had been running before that, we’re trying to rebrand it significantly”


  • So, why do people go vegan? What are some benefits? Are you a vegan?
    “No animals are harmed- vegans don’t eat dairy, no meat, and don’t shop with companies that test on animals. Most people think of the food aspect but not the other aspects. I’m a vegan; I used to be a vegetarian and I realized that 50% of dairy cows are dent to the beef industry and I didn’t want to contribute to that so I cut out everything. A lot of people go vegan for the health aspects; we’re not meant to consume lactose products, like calves. It’s not meant for us to consume and thus when a lot of people cut it out, they see big differences.”


  • What kind of events do you guys do?
    “We like to promote the vegan and food aspects; but we’re now focusing on activism more”


  • What’s happening tomorrow, Thursday? How do you get involved?
    “Our event tomorrow will be a movie screening called “What the health” it’s a very popular Netflix documentary, and that will be preceded by a Q&A. This is more the health aspect showcasing all the different reasons people go vegan. It’s $5, and we’ll be donating to WWF in order to fund underfed polar bears; it’s held at the Luxe I theatre. You can go on our Facebook page to get some more info about it”


  • And there’s an event next week is that correct? What’s that all about?
    “Tuesday from around 11-4 at the concourse; we’ll be boothing, anyone is free to drop by and you get $5 for coming out! If you want to learn a thing or two, you’re welcome to come on out”

So I did introduce a new concept this week: every week starting today, I’ll be debunking common myths- generally stuff most people believe. Here are the myths that were debunked this week:

  • 5 Second Rule for eating food off the ground: FALSE! May seem like a bit of a no-brainer but it really can just be a normal reaction to quickly pick something up when it falls, and expect it to not have gone bad just because you were quick. Science tells us that bacteria can attack food within milliseconds!


  • All Organic food is more nutritious and always pesticide-free: FALSE! Not all organic food is more nutritious for you! Nuff said.


  • Eating ice cream and other dairy products make a sore throat worse: FALSE! Big one here- having dairy products doesn’t actually cause mucous and other problems people claim that it does, and products such as Ice Cream actually can give you the required calories when you aren’t getting any.


So thank you all for tuning in to the show, we’ll try and add a few more segments as we go along and I’ll definitely bring back the Spotted Tweets I used to read a while ago- it’s all coming. Hope you guys liked today’s show, I wish you all, good luck for midterms and I’ll catch you next week. Thanks again for all the support, keep tuning in, and remember to send me your requests @RLMorningShow. See you next week, take care and stay classy. DJ Throwback out.

Track Listing


  • Stutter– Marianas Trench
  • Shake It– Metro Station
  • Smooth Criminal– Michael Jackson
  • It Wasn’t Me– Shaggy
  • London Bridge– Fergie
  • Run It– Chris Brown
  • Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em– Soulja Boy


  • New Rules– Due Lipa
  • Attention– Charlie Puth
  • Ready for it…– Taylor Swift
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever– Taylor Swift, ZAYN
  • Work from home– Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign
  • Stressed Out– Twenty-one pilots
  • Heathens– Twenty-one pilots
  • Castle on the hill– Ed Sheeran
  • Shut up and dance– Walk The Moon
  • Danza Kuduro– Don Omar

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