School of Rock Lesson 8

School of Rock Lesson 8


Dancing In The Dark


Wednesday January 24th kicked off Lesson 8 of The School of Rock. Lots of Tom Petty was played on our show as Co host Mitch Carter stepped down from his position due to an amazing exchange opportunity in Spain!

We salute you for your time teaching at The School of Rock, you wont be forgotten.

Lots of new content and opinions on this weeks episode as our new DJ Nicholas Kraczynski was live on air for the first time. Nick has an extensive knowledge of classic rock with a PHD in punk rock!

In more Solum news there has been a number of brands announcing fair well tours, Including the hard rock group from the south, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the legendary Fleetwood Mac.

As your teacher I would highly recommend seeing at least one of theses bands if they come to Canada. It would be without a doubt an amazing experience and a great slice of Rock N Roll history.

On another interesting note your co hosts Jeff Banwell and Nick Kraz discussed the new Star Wars movie, and gave a number of interesting perspectives on the direction of the extremely successful franchise. This will be an extremely long blog post if I go into all the details, but to summarize the discussion both DJ’s felt it was an inappropriate move for the franchise.

Thanks and see everyone on next weeks show!

Rock on Baby!

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