This week we set the tone with a Throwback Thursday Theme. Our first themed show of the year! We took a trip down memory lane with all of our favourite songs, idols, and trends from back in the day.

90’s Slang

We set off the night with another heated yet “buzz hype” competition between DJ Nova & DJ Shrey, this weeks segment was based on 90’s slang. As it turns out, slang back in the 90’s was a lot more difficult to catch onto in comparison to our Torontonian slang competition last week. The only thing that wasn’t a surprise was DJ Shrey taking another W in this weeks competition.


Throwback Fashion Trends

From overalls to fanny packs, we talked about the fashion trends of the 90’s. We talked about how some fashion trends like Nike windbreakers and scrunchies are coming back in style today. DJ Nova even challenged 10 listeners to tweet DJ Shrey to bleach his hair!

Laurier Plague Life Hacks

It’s back, and we aren’t just talking about your sleep deprivation… we’re talking about the Laurier Plague. To many this is just a myth, but those that have experienced it already know that the Laurier Plague is a legit as the Nigerian Prince emailing you with a financial proposition. To help you cure your flu, we’ve come up with some of the most unique flu hacks for when the cough drops, tea, and vapour rub become useless.

  • Sweat it out (keep up with that New Year’s resolution at the gym)
  • Eat some garlic in a glass of milk
  • Eat a hot pepper
  • Dirty socks around your neck
  • Munch on a little chocolate

Faded Fame

With iconic idols like Jesse McCartney, Amanda Bynes and Justin Timberlake, we talked about where the stars are today. Like most Disney stars, Lindsay Lohan went off the rails and got sent to jail in 2010. Guess you could say she felt more than parent trapped. We talked about other famous idols like Cody Simpson that have rumors saying he died back in the day and replaced with a doppelganger! Who knows what the next generation of talent and gossip will entail.


WLU Event of the Week



  • Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get it Started
  • It Wasn’t Me – Nelly
  • Gold Digger – Kanye West
  • Low – Flo Rida
  • Boyfriend- Justin Bieber
  • Beautiful Soul- Jesse McCartney
  • God’s Plan-Drake
  • Temperature-Tyga
  • Return of the Mack-Mark Morrison
  • W4W-Omarion



(Written by Rachna Singh & Shreyan Kantaria)

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